View Full Version : My wife had a stroke...

B. de Corbin
26 Apr 2016, 08:42
... Waiting for tests, but nothing obvious seems wrong.

Tylluan Penry
26 Apr 2016, 08:52
Oh no! Hope she makes a quick and full recovery. Shall light candles and send blessings. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help - even at a distance!

26 Apr 2016, 09:03
I really hope she gets well soon. Is she having any complaints right now?

26 Apr 2016, 09:05
Keeping you both in my thoughts. *hug*

26 Apr 2016, 09:06
Hope she'll be OK!

26 Apr 2016, 09:50
Oh, goodness...I hope everything comes up alright... Our thoughts are with her and you, and the rest of the family!

26 Apr 2016, 09:57
Best of fortune to all of you.

26 Apr 2016, 09:57
My thoughts and prayers B. De...hoping for a full recovery.

B. de Corbin
26 Apr 2016, 10:22
I really hope she gets well soon. Is she having any complaints right now?

No, bit she's at the hospital, and I'm not.

26 Apr 2016, 10:39
I'm sorry to hear that. Best of wishes and thoughts to both of you! I really hope she will make a quick recovery.

26 Apr 2016, 10:40
I'm so sorry, B. I will keep you both in my thoughts.

26 Apr 2016, 11:20
I'm so sorry. My mother had a stroke in 2014. My dad and mom are both retired nurses and he recognized that she was having a stroke. She was lucky to get in the E.R. and get the correct meds before things got bad. I hope everything goes well and I will be praying for you and your wife.

26 Apr 2016, 11:21
Oh Corbin I am so very sorry, sending all the positive energy and love I have your way.

26 Apr 2016, 11:24
Sending lots of gentle hugs and healing vibes to you both. Hoping she can come home very soon.

26 Apr 2016, 11:58
Best wishes to her for a full and speedy recovery, and to you for strength.

26 Apr 2016, 12:04
I'm sorry to hear the news. I hope everything turns out in the good!

26 Apr 2016, 13:38
Oh my god.......I'm so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers for your wife. :(

26 Apr 2016, 15:11
... Waiting for tests, but nothing obvious seems wrong.

Very scary!!! I'll be thinking of the two of you today.

If there's no complaints at the moment, that's a good sign. It doesn't lessen the stress or the fright though! Wishing her wellness and peace for you both.

26 Apr 2016, 16:49
Only just seen this. Sending you both healing thoughts. Hope your wife is okay.

26 Apr 2016, 17:41
Oh dear... I'm sorry that happened! If there's anything I can do to help, just ask!

26 Apr 2016, 19:24
Sorry to hear that. hope everything goes for the better.

27 Apr 2016, 10:02
Goodness! I'm sorry to hear that, and I hope that everything goes well from here on.

B. de Corbin
28 Apr 2016, 07:04
She seems to be doing ok.

28 Apr 2016, 07:21
Glad to hear that B. De. My mom had one at 88,but it was a mild one,and she had only a little speech thing,that went away over time. My mom died at 92.

28 Apr 2016, 08:01
She seems to be doing ok.

That's so good to hear. Has she been released to go home yet?

B. de Corbin
28 Apr 2016, 08:06
That's so good to hear. Has she been released to go home yet?

Yes- she came home yesterday.

28 Apr 2016, 08:08
Yes- she came home yesterday.

Good good! How are you holding up?

28 Apr 2016, 08:34
Yes- she came home yesterday.

That's good to hear! My mom had a stroke in 2011 and she had to stay in the hospital for a few days, so (Unless I'm missing information?) it's good that your wife was released already. How are you guys managing?

28 Apr 2016, 16:01
Yay I'm glad shes home

28 Apr 2016, 16:09
Think B.De. Mothers day,and you can do a super cool breakfast in bed and stuff for her...I am thinking about the both of you;)

Tylluan Penry
30 Apr 2016, 09:19
Yes- she came home yesterday.

So glad to hear it. Hope you are both okay and that your wife is well looked after by the health professionals - I already know that you will be looking after her well ;-)
Take care, my dear friend. Don't forget to be good to yourselves.
Sending many blessings,
Tylluan :)

B. de Corbin
01 May 2016, 09:22

Everything looking good now. She remembers nothing from Monday, and only confused bits from Tuesday, butn't showing any lasting symptoms.

But she's scared. Her father had three strokes like this before he ended up in a wheelchair.

She'll be out of work for a couple of weeks, and she's not allowed to drive. I'm trying to pull my stuff back together, and getting ready to go back to work (and what is likely to be a big mess) on Monday.

Meanswhile, in other news, my grandaughter is due on Monday...

01 May 2016, 09:54
Glad to hear she is home B. De., family history is a thing. I do not know how far the medical science has come with this,but there must be better meds these days..
I will be thinking good thought for you guys. Hang in there My friend.

02 May 2016, 00:09
I'm happy to hear she's home! And congrats on the granddaughter!

02 May 2016, 09:42
I'm sorry to hear about what she's going through, but I'm glad she's home and I hope she's feeling better! Just being home sweet home makes a huge difference in a person's outlook, I hope she's able to keep her spirits up!

03 May 2016, 04:42
I'm so glad to hear that she is doing better.