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07 May 2016, 22:29
Does anyone know any resources about Japanese magic Pre-Shinto/Pre-Buddhist?

I am sure it is likely that the practices will be similar to the Witchcraft that is so prevalent today in America, but I am also sure they have their own primeval influences as well. I'm just trying to connect with my culture a little bit. The best information I have found is Shinto, Mikkyo, and Daoism (I know it's Chinese, but I understand that is where a lot of Mikkyo derived).

Or just beginner methods of communication with the genii loci, especially in the realm of the Mighty Apartment Complex (I do have a rose bush outside of my front door, which is awesome)?

Thank You.

08 May 2016, 00:31
NOt specifically pre buddhist but it might give you some clues or ideas where to search http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/shugendou.html

08 May 2016, 10:29
Thank you.