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03 Aug 2016, 17:48
General Announcement, most (meaning that if you have over 15 posts and are not banned or in a usergroup specifically designed to restrict your options) users should now have have access to Staff Comms (http://www.paganforum.com/forumdisplay.php?73-Staff-Comms) subforum. This subforum is a little strange in that non-staff posting in it will only see their threads. It's designed to allow you to privately query the staff as a whole without conducting games of PM tag. If you have over 15 posts and can't access staff comms then please contact me so I can update your usergroup.

03 Aug 2016, 17:53
Is that also the place to post to request that threads are unlocked, or merged or any of those other technical requests we might have?

03 Aug 2016, 17:59
There is not currently a list of topics best left to staff comms. It's a trick that we're testing out from a different message board to provide alternate ways for people to contact staff. With that said, that type of thread would actually do very well in staff comms since

a. it doesn't really require input from non-staff
b. it will be available to all staff online instead of making you wait for a staff member to catch a private message