View Full Version : So,silicon Vally wants California to secede

09 Nov 2016, 15:36
And so the whole country begins the slow meltdown into crazy.

Also I always thought seceding was a Texas thing. :confused:

Here is the story. (http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Silicon-Valley-tech-heavyweights-reels-in-wake-of-10604628.php)

Perhaps it has to do with the LEGAL weed thing,that or California is way to expensive to stay in the union.

- - - Updated - - -

Even more of this. (http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/CalExit-picks-up-steam-with-angry-voters-after-10604475.php)

Waves to Duce,as her state sails off into the sunset.

09 Nov 2016, 16:04
Not since the civil war. When Texas joined the United States that was one of the contingencies that we have the right to succeed, however when the south lost the civil war that was a right we lost. As much as the crazies in Texas would like to think they still have that right they don't... they should have paid attention in their history classes and they'd know that.

09 Nov 2016, 16:07
California Techs want a constitutional amendment to say goodbye as I read...that is one VERY heavy lift to be honest.

And they have a web site. (http://www.yescalifornia.org/)

So,all in all,this should be a VERY interesting 4 years.

09 Nov 2016, 16:41
*gets out my legal pot brownies and waves buh bye!

09 Nov 2016, 17:12
Don't forget to write.

11 Nov 2016, 09:02
I saw a petition urging us Oregonians to secede, too. It's ridiculous.

11 Nov 2016, 09:08
I also saw that,strange times indeed.

B. de Corbin
11 Nov 2016, 09:23
I saw a petition urging us Oregonians to secede, too. It's ridiculous.

Meh. It's the way we do things these days when we don't get what we want.

The GOP went on about secession for 8 years. They can take it from the Dems for 4.

11 Nov 2016, 14:36
I was showing my students the "End of the World" video at school yesterday. It appears to be getting even more relevant by the day.