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16 Nov 2016, 17:30
I keep trying to think about how this journey really started for me, and to be honest, I think it started back in 2011 when my dog died. While that might sound weird, just stay with me.
When I got the call that she was very critically ill, I remember wondering if dogs went to heaven. I tried to imagine her there, and it just wasn't working for me. The image felt forced and wrong. When we got to the vet's office, and found out she had already passed away, my earth shattered. When they asked me what I wanted to do with her body, my decision was swift and certain. I wanted her cremated and placed in an eco-friendly biodegradable urn. I imagined her ashes giving life to the tree that would in turn give life to the world. And that's exactly what I did. She helped give life to an amazing Japanese maple tree that gives me great joy to see.
The image stayed with me. Years passed and the loss of two of my unborn children seemed to cement some issues I was having with my Christian upbringing. I bought a book on Paganism that I found interesting, but did not invest a lot of time in.
Then Samhain came up this year. I felt suddenly drawn back to Paganism. I felt strongly drawn to the idea that we, that nature, that everything is somehow connected. I became certain that I truly do reject the things I was taught about religion as a child. I have become certain that I am ruled only by the energy that runs through me and connects me to the earth.
I am so happy to be here and am feeling that I have finally found myself. I still have a LOT to learn, but I finally feel peace.

16 Nov 2016, 17:39

Please deposit your sanity at the front desk. You won't be needing it here. :cthulhu:

16 Nov 2016, 17:49
Welcome to the forum! We're all friends here. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

16 Nov 2016, 17:49
Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story with us. May the journey along your own unique spiritual path continue to aid your journey through this physical world! It's a beautiful thing to discover where those paths meet!

16 Nov 2016, 22:34
Welcome to PF!

ditto all that lovely stuff Jem said...my brain is too fried right now due to copious amounts of paper writing

Looking forward to reading more from you!

16 Nov 2016, 23:15
Enjoy the ride!

B. de Corbin
17 Nov 2016, 07:57

Thanks for sharing the nice story!

24 Nov 2016, 02:52
Thank you for taking the time to share your personal story with all of us. I hope you find many online friends here... and I look forward to your contributions in the coming days and months!

08 Dec 2016, 02:42
Hello, Welcome to the community. Hope you will have a great time here.

08 Dec 2016, 13:36
Hi and welcome! I'd love to see a photo of your tree :)

08 Dec 2016, 14:16
Hiya and welcome.