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07 Dec 2016, 18:47
I am in a few different public clubs for astrology, palmistry, and other types of divination, psychic communication, mediumship etc that have people who do these sorts of things professionally as moderators or group leaders. But when I ask these good folks where they learned all they know, they always seem to name a place that doesn't exist anymore, or moved out of state or whatever. Then they say something like, "Maybe I'll do another series of classes ... " which is really nice of them, but makes it kind of hard for me to press them since I would have to admit I am not really interested in the sort of casual learning they are offering beyond the groups themselves.

I've tried internet searches too. But of course the problem there is that I have no idea who is or isn't credible.

I realize that there aren't any truly accredited programs, like from unis or anything, but I can't imagine what I am seeking is impossible to find so I'm wondering if any of the board members would know.

I'd like to be able to take distance learning courses from recognized masters in a variety of subjects within what I am calling "the occult arts" with an eye towards moving myself into that line of work one day too. I'm just looking for a place that has some established street cred at the very least, and not one that is cultish or socially based, like some of the magic clubs. The reason I want this is that I am fine about discipline and practicing on my own, but far too perfectionistic to try to sort a whole learning pathway for myself without facing endless set backs of my own making. And I'm prepared to pay for this too! Hopefully not to get gouged, but I don't need it to be free, I am to happy to compensate a professional to teach me.

Anyone have any ideas?

08 Dec 2016, 07:18
You might consider a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. But to get one through and accredited group is incredibly expensive, and as far as I know there are no theological schools that are specifically pagan and accredited. One option for this is a Unitarian Universalist school. You won't learn anything specifically occult related, but you would have the standing to open a "witches church". There are only a couple in the US. This would cost somewhere between 60-100k though. And that's if you already have a bachelor's. Anther option is something like Cherry Hill seminary. Not officially accredited, but when I was looking into this it looked like a good program. I think it may be accredited by the state, but not nationally out something like that. And it is a pagan school.

If you don't want to go the M.Div route, then I would suggest looking into local CUUPS groups. They could put you in touch with local practitioners who could help you learn. But anything else online I wouldn't trust.

12 Dec 2016, 17:08
Outside of going to a metaphysical shop that does in person classes, the only place I might recommend is http://www.themagicalcircle.net/ They are an online training site for lots of Pagan topics, including divination. But a couple years ago they started requiring certain classes be taken before others, so it can take a long time just to be able to take the class you want to take. Before they set that up, it was really awesome. They made you do assignments that included essays, practice readings and etc. It was really like a pagan college. I loved it.

Outside of that, most people I know who do divination for money generally learned the skill from someone they knew one on one. And then anything beyond that was from books. I prefer the older out of print books though when it comes to fortune telling information.