View Full Version : Help with guidance or something, just going through a lot

13 Dec 2016, 20:13
Hey guys it's little old Serria again.

I've been having an influx of bad days lately. I've always kind of had bad health days because I have a ton of health problems so I'm not bothered by those as much. A lot of it is kind of social type problems.

I just really need like some kind of prayer or meditation or really any kind of thing that will allow me to hopefully get rid of a lot of this negative energy that's been around lately. I want to hopefully attract more positivity toward my home and space.

Another part of it is that I really want to send some kind of positivity and stress relief my boyfriend's way. He's such a great person but he's not always the best with stress. He's struggling with quitting smoking so that's a thing too. I just want to hopefully send some kind of energy his way to maybe relax him a bit. I can't see him during the week because of his work schedule so I can't always be there to talk to him and let him talk every thing out.

Not everything has been bad but enough has that I am not as happy as I usually am and I want to deal with it a bit.

But yea, any sort of insight you guys might have would be great. Life has been getting in the way of Wicca a lot for the past couple years but you always turn back to your faith when you need it though haha.

As always,

Prickly Pear
15 Dec 2016, 00:15
Hey, I did a post like this a few months ago. I send you positive energy.

Advice that may or may not be right for you:
Give yourself permission to work the little things that you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes you need to focus on those, and problems/bad energy don't get better until you do. Then when you do them, the changes are steady and substantial. I don't know what those are for you, but often just the obvious rest and more rest, good nutrition, scheduling time for fun, exercise and spiritual practice are the answer. Make your home a little nicer for yourself- clean or decorate or something. You probably know what you need. Also, maybe just take the time to acknowledge that things kind of suck right now, and you are not a bad person for feeling bad about it. Go ahead and feel sad or angry or whatever you feel. Then do something nice for yourself. If you need to take action, start with small steps until you build up the strength and courage to make the necessary changes.

It sounds like this is a situational problem, but obviously, if you suspect you have signs of ongoing depression you might want professional help.

Ignore the advice or take it to heart as you wish, but please accept the loving spirit in which it was given.