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28 Jan 2017, 06:17
So after having Monster and not wanting to drive you all crazy with questions I decided to look for a Pagan parenting group on Facebook, I'm already in a breastfeeding group and a first time mom group, and while some of the time I find topics and momsee ridiculous overall I have gotten lots of helpful info.

So I found two ppgs I joined one and I'll be damned if children are mentioned at all. They talk about everything but their kids and how they are raising them. In fact I hardly ever see anything Pagan related ato all, and I know we don't always have Pagan related topics but the least that group could do is talk about their kids every now and then...

Wow sorry went on a rant. Point of this thread do any of you parents have any Pagan parenting groups you would reccomend. It doesn't always have to be Pagan or kid related but occasionally would be nice.

28 Jan 2017, 06:21
TBH, no...most of them are what you describe or really effing flakey in my experience. Especially online. I've had better luck with non-religious/secular/freethough/atheist/agnostic parent groups.

28 Jan 2017, 08:41
Thats what I was afraid of. Ok then off the top of your head do you have any groups you would recommend? I will also do my own research.

30 Jan 2017, 02:57
This is an australian site but bubhub.com.au was pretty good for me. Lots of info and sensible answers/discussion to all threads I started.

30 Jan 2017, 14:28
Thank you ma'am!

06 Feb 2017, 08:06
You could check for a local Unitarian Universalist church and see if they have a Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. If they do, there are likely parents in the group and most are super family friendly. You could also look out for local events. If there is an event, there's a chance you could find out about pagan parenting groups that are going on locally. The small event we go to every year is about four hours from you. They usually have a small kids area for children 3+ where they can play and do crafts. People volunteer on a rotating basis. Those sorts of things are great. Unfortunately I don't really have a lot of advice for online. I think you have me on facebook though. Maybe we could start something?