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19 Apr 2017, 14:53
As a random thought experiment, the hubby and I are compiling what we call "The Zombie Apocalypse Reading List," which is meant to be a list of the books that would be essential to preserve a large swathe of the diversity of human history, culture, and knowledge about everything from fishing techniques and emergency surgery to genetics and calculus. We came up with this amusement after reading about the book vault Norway is building (http://www.businessinsider.com/norway-doomsday-vault-most-precious-books-2017-4) as a sort of companion to the seed bank (http://www.npr.org/2016/08/13/489913707/in-a-remote-vault-in-norway-repository-stores-the-worlds-seeds) maintained there.

So, what books would you recommend that would contain at least the basics of human knowledge for future preservation? What would you want to keep? What do you think could be let go (or should be let go of)?

19 Apr 2017, 14:59
One comes to mind from a ways back..The whole earth catalog. (http://www.wholeearth.com/index.php)

19 Apr 2017, 15:49
I know it's not what you are looking for. But as a apocalypse loving aficionado I must add the great series Silo by Hugh Howey. It's what happens when you think you can do this. How you end up preserving the world but also he vileness of humans who think they know exactly how to do it.

It will break your spirit. But in the end it might teach us to just...not.

22 Apr 2017, 05:31
A set of encyclopedias

27 Apr 2017, 14:15
Pretty much just come and raid my book collection, lol.

We've got books on butchering and preserving, canning and fermenting, cooking, foraging, herbal medicine, a couple of great books on snow survival, etc. I think we should keep classic and controversial literature - anything which defined an era.

What should we let go of? General and teen fiction. Just let that garbage die.

27 Apr 2017, 21:25
V.C. Andrews? I will NOT let that go.:p