View Full Version : Seasonal sleep problems with a preschooler

10 Oct 2017, 08:41
So, our soon to be four year old is starting to show a pattern, I think. Last year at this time she started having sleep issues. She was literally awake for four hours off and on on any given night. I finally talked to her pediatrician at her yearly appointment in January and was basically told that it sounded behavioral and to let her cry it out. We couldn't just let her cry it out (she would bawl until she threw up), but we did tighten down on her bedtime routine. By February, it seemed like we were getting it under control.

It's starting again. Both my husband and I seem to suffer from SAD. I say seem to because we mostly just deal with it and have never been officially diagnosed. I'm worried, with the seasonal nature of this, that our daughter could too. But SAD usually presents with sleeping more in the winter months, not insomnia. We're thinking of giving her a vitamin d supplement if we can find one for kids, just in case, but I'm kinda worried.

Anyone else experience anything like this with their kids?

11 Oct 2017, 08:49
My son was younger when he went through a similar phase. I know it's ridiculously frustrating. I'm not sure if it was anything specific me and his mother did but he grew out of it after a year and sleeps fine now. A few things we tried were adjusting the light in the room and soft music.