View Full Version : Prayers for a friend of my mother's please

09 Nov 2017, 16:04
Hi everyone,

So this is rather complicated, but I will try to explain it as best as possible. My mom's friend (who is the lady we got three of our Yorkshire Terriors from), went into surgery yesterday to have two of her lobes of her right lung removed. They found out that the cancer had spread to her heart. She is off the ventilator and on a c-pap now, which is better news. They're expecting to have hospice take over but some are expecting her to live only a few weeks. She has two daughters and a son, which is disabled who she has taken care of for pretty much his life. From what I understand his sisters won't take care of him if she dies. She also is the founder of The Small Breed Rescue of KY. I just was wondering if you all would please send some prayers to her and her family. We'd appreciate it. Thank you.

09 Nov 2017, 16:06
Much good thoughts for her.

10 Nov 2017, 00:29
It's cruel that illness is so indiscriminate. I'll prayer for the miracle her family needs. I especially hope there's a positive outcome for her son. One of the people I support came to us because the family member she was living with passed away and the sons were unable to take over her care. She is really thriving with us though and we've had amazing feedback from those who knew her before. Next weekend she's off to Disneyland in Paris (with a very happy staff member ^^)! There's always hope! Xx

Prickly Pear
10 Nov 2017, 06:23
Hoping for the best outcome for the family.

10 Nov 2017, 14:51
Thank you everyone. She is starting to do better. She might even come home today with aid of hospice. Not for sure yet, but I will keep you updated. I appreciate the prayers and so does my mom.

10 Nov 2017, 16:04
Glad to hear she is doing better.

10 Nov 2017, 18:30
Thanks anu, so am I. Thanks for the prayers.

11 Nov 2017, 15:00
So she is home today. My mom talked to her friend and from what I understand she is sounding okay, but she still has a long recovery. Thank you all for your prayers.

15 Nov 2017, 15:28
I just wanted to let you know that she died two days ago in the morning. She's not in pain anymore and I hope she is happy wherever she is. She was such a good person finding abused small breed dogs and raising dogs of her own. I'll miss her.