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29 Dec 2017, 12:57
Greetings everyone,

Just want to say hi, and that I'm looking forward to learning more with everyone on here, and to meet new people :)

See you guys around!

B. de Corbin
02 Jan 2018, 07:22

Nice to meet ya'!

(Sorry it took so long to reply - busy over the holidays, ya know)

04 Jan 2018, 05:51
Hello! Welcome to PF!

Glad to see some fresh meat...er...new faces around here! :D

04 Jan 2018, 10:07
Welcome aboard. Pull up a log or a chair, which ever suits you and join the family. We don't bite but maybe a nibble or to he he he

05 Jan 2018, 22:11
Hey, welcome to the forum!

Tylluan Penry
14 Jan 2018, 15:06
Welcome to the PF!