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03 Jan 2018, 20:47
Hello , I had a past account here but I have forgotten the log in information and it's been over a year almost . But I'm posting to say hi and I look forward to the many intresting conversations that can be had here .

03 Jan 2018, 20:53
Welcome back!

B. de Corbin
04 Jan 2018, 05:04
Heyya Drake! Glad you found your way back!

04 Jan 2018, 05:48
Hello and welcome back!

04 Jan 2018, 10:05
Welcome back

05 Jan 2018, 22:10
Welcome back!

07 Jan 2018, 01:59
Hey Drake, welcome back! Private Message me your email address that you used previously and I can look for your account. We can try and merge it with your new one, if you want.

Chances are, if you had 0 posts (mostly that means no posts outside of the intro section) your previous account was purged with other inactive accounts. I'd recommend looking around and some of our other topics and saying a few things here and there and your account should be safe. :)

07 Jan 2018, 11:30
Welcome back to the forum!

Tylluan Penry
14 Jan 2018, 15:04
Welcome back! :)