View Full Version : Spirit walk whilst awake

19 Jul 2018, 05:49
I have always been able to do this I can see the different realms whilst Iím awake and conscious itís very disconcerting but I am very inward I can feel there presence there they try to talk I can feel them talking but I am deaf and blind to them sometimes I hear every now and again I have no control of it and I split into many separate selfs and can be in those places more than once I cannot control this I visit those realms more than 3 times a day and it leaves me mentally exhausted I have seen things I cannot unsee like a 30 ft demon they are frightening but beautiful creatures I have walked through halls of light and seen a beautiful lady resembling plants she calls herself Gaia and a dark figure in the depths of the earth is how I imagine it to be where I swam across what looks liked bones of sticks to a boat which took me to land where the floor was made of dark stones like obsidian he calls himself hades are these my gods? I feel their presence near me and sometimes in me what is happening to me

Prickly Pear
19 Jul 2018, 18:45
Hi Emi,
It is difficult for us to say what is happening to you. We just don't know you well enough. This sounds pretty intense. It concerns me that it exhausts you and that you feel out of control. I also worry about your sense of self splitting. Do you have people in real life who you can talk to about this? I absolutely do not want to disregard a spiritual experience, but sometimes they are difficult to tell from health problems. Even the most well meaning stranger on the internet is not going to be a reliable source of help if this is a health issue. You are most welcome here, but I think you may want to talk to someone you trust in real life.

Maybe as we get to know you a little better, we will feel better about giving you advice.