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29 Aug 2018, 06:59
Firstly, hello everyone. Im new to online forums and this community seems to be in-depth and very friendly. Ok ... Secondly, i was raised Christian. But after studying Latin 1 and 2 .. Things became clear to me that if it wasn't for the pagan gods .. There would be no myth of Jesus the Christ. Not gonna get into it. But but after studying the Flavian dynasty .. I found a lot of answers. .. So with that said I am pagan and these days i find myself studying the month gods...planets and of course the Zodiac. For example .. The month of March ... The standard allocation of March is belongs to the god of Mars. In ancient times Mars ruled during the constellation of Aries and Scorpio, Venus ruling Taurus and Libra, etc...I've been trying to learn how and why these rulerships were originally allocated .... I came across another rulership scheme that existed for at least two thousand years - it probably even pre-dates the Signs of the Zodiac for it existed in 1600 B.C. This older rulership scheme co-existed with our standard rulership scheme for several centuries. It disappeared in the early 6th century when it was effectively banned by the Catholic Church ... Lastly ... Im glad to be here .. And i have lots and lots of insight ❤👍

29 Aug 2018, 08:44
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On your astrological question:

1. Do not confuse the signs and the constellations. The equinox and solstice points divide the sky into four equal quadrants, each of which is trisected to give the twelve signs. When the zodiac was first recognised, they had to call them something, so they named each one for the nearest constellation. But the axis of the Earth's orbit moves with respect to the rest of the galaxy (precession of the equinoxes) so nothing matches up any more: if a planet is in the sign Aries, the stars around it probably belong to Pisces.

2. The assignment of the planets to the signs fits a neat pattern, as you can see from the diagram here:
But it works; there's no reason why the universe shouldn't be neat on occasion!

3. The only other "rulership" apart for the domeciles is the exaltations, which go back to the Babylonians: Sun & Aries, Moon & Taurus, Venus & Pisces, Mars & Capricorn, Jupiter & Cancer, Saturn & Libra. The Greeks added Mercury and Virgo, but I've shown that Mercury is exalted in Aquarius as a morning star but Scorpio as an evening star.

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