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13 Dec 2018, 10:53
Can anyone please help me calm down. I don't care what your faith or religion is. Anyone know any healing, I can do? I want to ease my mind. So much crap is going on right now. Feel free to pm me. I could use some support. Anyone know any exercises that can calm me down? Help with some anxiety or anything... please. Thank you.

13 Dec 2018, 11:38
What's going on? What is it that makes you anxious? If you know what it is, I suggest eliminating it from your life. If you can't, find help from someone close to you.

But as a first aid kit for now, try this. It's simple, but usually works for me: light some candles, meditate, breath in and out normally. Tell your thoughts it's ok they're there, but for now you're putting them in a box and put the box away. Or write those thoughts down if they won't settle. Also very effective in my case.
Also, a big pot of tea, a blanket wrapped around you, snacks and Netflix.

Prickly Pear
13 Dec 2018, 16:55
It sounds like this is a particularly anxious time for you. It is in your post about the online group as well. I don't know what is going on in your life, but as someone who experiences anxiety, I know that this time of year ratchets it up quite a lot for me. I also know that sometimes anxiety is "free-floating", which means you can't always pin down the exact cause. Maybe look to see if there is a pattern for you. Sometimes it helps in stepping back from the anxiety. It could also remind you what has helped or not helped before.

I think I may be repeating what Eleanor said but:

1- See if you can identify one small thing that you can control. Maybe make your bed or clean up the kitchen. Maybe pay a bill. Maybe make one phone call that you have been putting off. That will sometimes make a big difference in getting you into a different mindset.
2- Meditation and self care. Although, with a warning- sometimes you can get stuck in self-care and the anxiety gets bigger because you are not dealing with it.
3- Maybe obvious, but check your intake of caffeine or other stimulants.
4- Find something that is beautiful and peaceful to you. I had one of my worst life experiences in wintertime once, and just going outside in the snow was incredibly healing. Also the day I came home and my neighbor had shoveled my walks and driveway just to be kind. I don't think that they even knew what was happening in my life. It also helps to be the kind one, if you are up for it. Look for these things and fully pay attention to the gift of them.
6- Again with the wintertime- if you are in the Northern hemisphere, it is dark, dark, dark right now. Make sure you are getting some light- even a few minutes outside when the sun is out helps, particularly if your anxiety is tied to depression or mania.
7- Is there a particular reason? Is there family, job, or relationship stress? Financial stress? Then sometimes you can only do what you can do. Maybe you need more time with loved ones. Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need to call your credit card company and make a payment arrangement even though that is scary.
8- Don't ignore the possibility that professional help might be, well, helpful.
9- Paganwise, a cleansing ritual might help. It can be a small one in the shower where the anxiety washes down the drain, or take the anxiety out with the trash. Maybe give your anxiety up to whatever deity you may worship.

Anxiety is so painful. I send wishes for your relief.

13 Dec 2018, 19:19
I agree with Eleanor and Prickly Pear here. Meditation is a good idea for clearing thoughts and bringing peace. I also have a white noise machine that has different noise settings on it. One of them being a beach setting so if you want to hear the beach or something like that, it might be a good idea to buy one. I'll be sending good vibes your way hon.

13 Dec 2018, 21:31
I hope you are okay and feeling better; I'll send some good vibes your way too :)

I guess for me when I'm feeling similar to this I try to think of memories of my pets and moments when they were especially affectionate or cute and made me feel happy as those are usually my favorite memories. I guess going to my 'happy place' kind of thing and just really concentrating on those happy moments in my life and those happy feelings.

There's a lot of really good ideas on here; hopefully something will work for you :)

15 Dec 2018, 04:00
I agree with Eleanor and Prickly Pear here. Meditation is a good idea for clearing thoughts and bringing peace.

I second this. If you have trouble doing it alone or focusing, you can also try a guided meditation. I'm easily distracted and I find them helpful.

26 Dec 2018, 14:50
Thanks everyone for sending good vibes. Everything is all good! :D

Hemant Sharma
26 Dec 2018, 23:30
When you encounter such situations,do the following:

1.Sit,relax and take a deep breath.
2.Have 1-2 glass of water.
3.Take 20 deep breaths OR chant something that relaxes you.
4.Become aware of yourself and surroundings.
5.And believe you are calm.
6.Take in charge the situation,analyse it and act.

The above technique is to get the instant relief .

For working on yourself;on your mind and body,do meditation practices on daily basis.Practice Sudarshan kriya,Mindfulness meditation,Body Scan meditation.Slowly and gradually you will see the tranformations in you and find all solutions to your problems with the different types of meditation and their benefits.

02 Jan 2019, 19:12
sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt... guess thats life after all lol.

03 Jan 2019, 09:36
I love all the advise that's already been given, but I wanted to give something more specific as far as meditation. I've always found one of these two meditations helpful when I'm particularly anxious, or feeling like I'm having a panic attack. And they can both be done in a couple minutes.

1. Breathe in white/light and breathe out black/darkness. You can also do this meditation by breathing in the lighter energy from the sky, and releasing the heavier energy to the earth with the out breath. Either way of visualization works.

2. Visualize pulling energy from the sun to create a protective shield around yourself, then releasing the energy while retaining the shield.

The first helps if my anxiety is coming from within myself (for instance, sometimes I find that I'm picturing the death of my loved ones over and over, it's one of the signs that I'm fairly deep in panic mode), the second helps if I feel like I need to protect myself from the negative energy of others (for instance, getting perspective when someone is angry with me, because that's a huge trigger for me).