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10 Feb 2019, 15:33

I ordered one but it has not shown up yet. I know someone who had one a long time ago he said you can take it apart and modify it to have increased range and stuff. They have more pricey versions to. I'm all the time singing to the birds and talking to the stray cats I love observing nature.
Hausbell Listening Device, Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device Digital Device Nature Observing and Listening Device (Headphone Included)

☀Hear conversations up to 300-feet away.
☀Recommended for children 6-years of age and older.
☀Please use the product on a spacious and broad places and donít use it a lot of appliances around.
☀Noise reduction and a parabolic sound collecting dish for better hearing.Look through the targeting scope and then pull the trigger to amplify sound.
☀Other features include on/off switch, 8x monocular, frequency controller, record button, playback button and FREE headphone.(No include SD card,only records for 12 seconds). Kindly note: The Headphone is a free gift


Sean R. R.
10 Feb 2019, 15:53
Sorry, is there something you wanted to discuss here?
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10 Feb 2019, 16:02
Oh ok Im sorry. I'll get the hang of it!

10 Feb 2019, 16:43
that is a parabolic mike i believe,and good for recording nature sounds