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B. de Corbin
03 May 2019, 19:37
This heppened...

Wife K'roe has anxiety issues. What would bring most people to an anxiety level of 5 brings her to a level 18. Mostly we deal with it.

You also need to know that we have two dogs - an old, fat beagle with congestive heart failure and bad hips who still enjoys life, but can't walk 50 feet without needing a nap, and an exuberant 1 year old boxer mix.

So then...

K'roe took the puppy out for a walk in the woods. The beagle was outside, happily splashing around in his wading pool.

Unfortunately, K'roe got lost in the woods, and banged around with the pup, screaming for help and crying. she finally found her way back after 2 hours, completely hysterical.

But when she got back, the beagle was gone. He never wanders off any more - he just doesnt have the energy.

K'roe, already hysterical from being lost went into a uber-panic because dogbert was gone.

By the time I got home (took off early because of K'roe's panic call), she was roling on the floor, in tears. I hunted that dog for over 3 hours, and couldn't find him.

Finally, several hours later, I saw him drag himself out of the woods. He collapsed at the forest edge, and couldn't go any further. I had to carry him in.

He literally could not stand up for two days afterward.

He never heads out to the wild any more; he just isn't physically able to. All we can figure is that old guy heard K'roe in distress, and headed out - dispite his infirmities - to rescue her.

03 May 2019, 19:41
Wow. That's a very inspiring story Corbin. He's a true hero. :)

Tylluan Penry
08 May 2019, 04:16
Oh that's a lovely story. Hope everyone is okay now. Dogs can be amazingly loyal, pushing themselves above and beyond for those they love. <3

09 May 2019, 05:42
OH! What a poor, brave doggo!! How lucky you guys are to have such a great friend!

B. de Corbin
09 May 2019, 17:03
Both K'roe & the dogbert have recovered.

Dogbert earned many treats...