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13 Jul 2019, 04:41
want to ask a question but am unsure how it would go down i want to mix pagan and Hinduism together can it be done or am i just in fantasy land i love both faiths and wish to explore further in both unsure if this is being disrespectful to each id like to know what you guys think about it
i also go to Alcoholics anonymous and Narcotics anonymous they say that anything God of your understanding is ok as it personal to you
i know that i love the 12 step programme as well as my pagan/ Hinduism and try to get involved and pray everyday

13 Jul 2019, 07:39
Simply put: whatever feels good for you :)

There are many pagans who mix things up a little. I work with gods from different pantheons. Not at the same time, but I switch sometimes. Right now I like working with the Greek gods, other times I work with the Norse gods. It depends on my moods, needs and where I am in life. There are also Christian pagans. I don't know much about Hindiusm, but I don't see why you couldn't combine it with paganism. It is your path so you decide what suits your spiritual needs.

Good luck on the programs! May your path give you the strength you need.

15 Jul 2019, 06:25
Yes, you can mix. The deities will let you know. I am Hindu but Thor is a deity I am also fond of and drawn to. I have a small shrine for him, separate from my Hindu shrine. The reason is that if I want to offer him a beer, ale or mead, or a small piece of meat, I can offer it to him separately. We offer only vegetarian, non-alcoholic and non-stimulants (e.g. no coffee) in Hinduism. The point is that you should worship the deities in their cultural context. In my tradition, there is a verse from the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna says that he will make a devotee's faith strong in whatever deity they want to worship. The gods are not jealous at all.

18 Jul 2019, 15:00
Hinduism -is- a pagan faith, but much more. There’s even a heterodox form of Hinduism that has the honor of being the oldest written expression of atheism.

11 Sep 2019, 00:54

May I ask you what do you mean by the twelve steps programm?