View Full Version : The Angry Birds Movie 2

17 Aug 2019, 15:32
Early this morning I went to see The Angry Birds Movie 2 and I'm going to tell you my thoughts about the movie.

Well today I saw The Angry Birds Movie 2 and the is the sequel of The Angry Birds Movie which I saw by the way and it's great. So anyway The Angry Birds Movie 2 is about the Red the bird and Leonard the pig join forces to stop the common enemy known as Zeta the eagle from destroying their island (Bird Island and Pig Island) from total destruction. In all honesty that movie was weird. It has a lot of adult jokes and bodily fluid jokes such as fire-retardant made out of pig snot with Bomb eating pig snot as an added bonus. The other jokes was a hit and miss. The movie is decent. It's not even Oscar-worthy but it deserve its mediocrity. I'll give this movie 3 out of 5 stars for an average movie.