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21 Feb 2020, 17:48
First and foremost, I am not trying to bash Social Security for the most part. I think there are people out there that need SSI and still don't get enough money to survive. However, I received a letter from SSI and called the lady about the jobs I had from 2019 to 2012 and they still had me working at some of my jobs that I had quit. They want proof that I had quit or let go. So I am going to have to call some of the companies. I then was told that in order to receive SSI and disability I can only make a little over $5000 of gainful employment this year. Are ya'll shitting me? What do you think I am? An ATM? I've got bills, I live with my parents who I also help, and I need to help support them. I can't do that. Thank goodness I was rehired today with TTec. It just upsets me because it's lose-lose. You try to get back on your feet and find a job and that will be at it's low end for a while and you still need SSI and disability for help. Yet you need a job and it's like SSI is telling you not to have one but they are not giving you enough to live on. I'm pissed with these people to tell the truth. What do you all think?

21 Feb 2020, 18:24
I think it's very unfair. Also I'm on SSDI. (Social Security Disability) There's a limited of SSI and SSDI if you're making money just about more than $2,000. They cut off your SSI and SSDI and it very difficult to get it back because of red tape.

22 Feb 2020, 05:45
I think that frustrations like those are intentional obstacles put in place by a nihilistic death cult, lol. A consequence of letting people who don't believe in government write it's regulations.

The idea is to make sure that everyone has to put in maximum effort for as little as possible, that there are more ways to be dropped than to remain in program, and that it is as difficult as possible to get back in program once dropped. They know it's unworkable and that's the point...and this unworkability will inevitably become the justification for slashing funding and destroying the administrative pool of the programs themselves. Break it, and then claim that we should do away with it because it's broken.


22 Feb 2020, 20:19
I think what gets me upset is that there are people that use SSI and Disability and they don't want to get off their ass to get a job or try to get back on their feet. Some can't which is understandable. So I'm not pissed at people like that. However, those who want to get onto their feet and try to get a job they want to limit their gainful employment. It's like damned if you do and damned if you don't. Even if I rented the cheapest apartment it wouldn't cover my bills or groceries or utilities. I would still have to get help from my parents. I have to get a job because I have to pay bills and to support my parents even though they live off of their retirement. I just think SSI needs to change for us and re-prioritize.

22 Feb 2020, 20:49
ben doen that rosad when i was on disability

24 Feb 2020, 03:00
The same with any state-run pensions system. A Ponzi scheme that barely works, partly because people die and their entitlements die with them and because it is constantly subsidized by the taxpayers.
American 401k and Roth IRA concepts are the best ideas ever.

25 Feb 2020, 02:48
As I see it, it's a matter of funding. You only pay in to social security on up to 125,000in income a year. The cap needs to be raised or eliminated so the rich who benefit the most from the American economy pay in to help those who need it.

B. de Corbin
25 Feb 2020, 14:45
Why is it that the richer one is, the less it costs to live?

Oh yeah... I remember... "Everybody knows the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed..."

25 Feb 2020, 22:31
State pensions should be abolished completely.

02 Mar 2020, 18:57
Why is it that the richer one is, the less it costs to live?

Oh yeah... I remember... "Everybody knows the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed..."
Thanks to mr. cohen,the future is right on the edge of becoming?

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yes indeed this rings so very true