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27 Apr 2011, 19:28
As some of you may know there were a series of tornadoes that passed through the Tennessee Valley earlier. Damage to the local power plant has caused power outages for the majority of the area, which will likely not be restored for 4-5 days. The Huntsville Hospital has requested that only life threatening emergencies go to the hospital.Food and water rationing is being suggested by local law enforcement and all county roads have been closed to non emergency workers in the North AL area. There have been 25 confirmed deaths with many people still missing.The news just said that over 100 touch downs were confirmed. Please pray for those in these communities.

29 Apr 2011, 03:38
Not just the TN valley, now that that storm system has finally dissipated off the coast. Hundreds dead, hundreds of thousands affected... and that doesn't even include the flooding problems everywhere.

Many well-wishes and blessings to everyone in those communities! Prayers, candles, courage and donations are all needed. And in vast amounts!

B. de Corbin
29 Apr 2011, 03:56
A terrible thing - these storms have been amazing in a bad way.

Best wishes to them all.

29 Apr 2011, 11:08
I am keeping a candle lit for all of those affected by these storms.