View Full Version : mojo for the sicko

13 May 2011, 17:57
Okay, so probably not super important in the grand scheme of life, but I have a killer date tomorrow, and I woke up sick this morning.

I'll take anything I can get in the hopes that I feel well enough to still go on that date tomorrow, as it is not possible to reschedule it. Please and thank you muchly!

In return, I promise gossip should it go well? :D

13 May 2011, 22:57
Would you like more Reiki?

14 May 2011, 06:31
Nah, don't worry about it. Actually, I woke up even sicker this morning. FML. :(

14 May 2011, 08:10
:( sorry to hear you aren't feeling well V. Some positive energy is coming your way.