View Full Version : Cousin (by marriage) is going to the Sandbox

23 May 2011, 23:52
My husband's cousin found out (yeah great timing his uncle dies, gets leave, and also "Oh btw, if you don't want to be part of the furlough you have to go to Afghanistan) he's being deployed in August to Afghanistan. He's Navy, a mine sweeper, and a (not sure of the exact title but he explained it as) "I give out the guns, make sure all the guns work, and deal with all the ammo".

His brother died years ago of cancer, and his folks are in a real bad spot right now due to Bruce passing on the 14th, not to mention Grandma (yes I call her Grandma because that 89 year old woman scares the crap out of me) she's lost a grandson years ago, and now her son this month.

Any good words yall could give to the holy much appreciated.

I know I've asked a lot lately, but please ... his wife (cute little Japanese girl who I love to death) hasn't even been able to move home yet, hasn't seen him since before the Earthquake ...


Anyway, please pray he doesn't see any action more exciting than a hangnail.

24 May 2011, 08:44
I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!