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29 Aug 2011, 07:16
I feel depressed, listless, scatterbrained and generally unhappy during the summer season. When I don't see any clouds in the sky, just blue everywhere , it makes me feel sad. During the summer time everything feels dull and boring and ugly. I eat a lot and get really negative.

I live for cold, cloudy, rainy days. I feel the happiest and most productive during this time. I am most spiritual and even analytically inclined during "bad" weather. However, I live right by the beach and our weather is mostly all sun all year. I feel like I may have seasonal depression.

Anyone have any tips to combat this (moving isn't an option, at least not now).
Thanks in advance.

29 Aug 2011, 13:19
Wow I've never heard of that before, but it sounds like you're in the wrong place as much as I am (I need sun, and this summer has been horrible for me because we haven't had any where I am). But I also know that there are other reasons to live somewhere aside from the fact that the weather meshes with you...by all means I should be in Australia or something but I like a lot of aspects about here and I've built a life here...

I don't know if it's the same, but when you have SAD for winter you have to mimick the sun and effects of the months that are easier for you...you need to get as much light as possible, take vitamin D, keep hours that mesh with all of daylight, exercise, etc. Maybe you could do the reverse? ie use heavier curtains and stay indoors more in the day if you can?

29 Aug 2011, 15:16
That's a good idea, thank you. We have black curtains in every room of the house due to the decor-I'll start leaving them closed and see if that helps.

Thanks again. :)