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14 Oct 2012, 03:47
So lads..
I love my tarot decks, but recently I was just drawn to tea leaf divination. I bought a cup and saucer (called the Cup of Destiny :p), both beautiful and covered in symbols and lines. In the box they also included a book to tell you how to interpret shapes the leaves may make, where on the cup they're placed etc.
My question is.. have any of you ever tried this themselves, or had them read? But also, do you think it would be just as effective to sit, clear the mind and read into the shapes whatever comes to mind and leave the book alone? (Freestylie divination :cool:). In other words, do you think it's always necessary to use the book that comes with it? Whether it's the the little white book with your tarot deck, crystal ball, tea cup whatever?

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Maria de Luna
14 Oct 2012, 04:04
When I first bought a tarot deck and was in highschool with a few friends goofing around the book was quite nessecary. The symbols diddn't mean anything to me, the whole thing was foreign. I know a few things now about symbology and what different things mean to me, no two readers look at something and see the same thing really. Tea leaves are a bit more subjective than tarot, (everyone sees the same picture on a tarot card, while looking at tea leaves is like looking at clouds.) So the book may be worth at the very least a read till you get the hang of how to see what you're looking at. I tend to know my own meanings with a tarot deck I've worked with before, but if I get a new one, I want a little of the perspective that went into creating it, so i can better understand why a certain symbol was used to delineate a certain card. Again tea leaves are a bit of a different beast and honestly one I'm fairly unfamiliar with, I can only draw from the experience I have and the same goes for you too. You can't be an expert until you actually are I guess.

14 Oct 2012, 04:21
When I started using cards I tended to rely heavily on one book, because I thought I was doing it wrong, but now it's a mixture of what I 'feel' and what I learned from reading. I suppose I should have a proper look at the book with the cup, otherwise I'll keep seeing a heart or a blob, or projecting what I want to be there, instead of what is. Anytime I ask people I know about it I always get something along the lines of 'well there was this old woman your granny knew back in the day named Maggie O' Reilly..' :p Urban legends galore. Thank you for your insight.

14 Oct 2012, 08:26
Hey, now that you mention it, I remember that I actually had that tea cup set a while back... think it got lost in a move, though... At any rate, I would actually encourage, in this case, leaving the book aside and going with whatever these symbols mean to you. I always felt this type of divination relies a lot on what your subconscious has to tell you - and this is not a bad thing. It's much like other forms of scrying, or looking for symbols. As was mentioned, any two people could look at the same grouping of tea leaves and take a different shape away from it... but maybe both people are seeing what they need to be seeing, what their subconscious mind thinks they need to know. Beyond that, even if they see the same shape, that shape might have different meanings to both of them. If you see a symbol that has a particular meaning or association to you, but the book says it actually means something else... usually best to go with your own meaning, because that's going to be more personal and relevant to you.