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03 Jun 2013, 17:24
So, I am essentially a floating Pagan. I am in no real area of study, and have been interested in several different paths I could choose. Because of my pre-existing affinity with nature, creatures, and animism, Celtic Neopaganism seems most appealing to me. I'm not necessarily interested in Celtic Reconstruction, and am primarily focused upon enjoying nature and doing what I can to help the Celtic gods.

For those of you that have worked with the Celtic Pantheon or have been following this path for a while, is there any information you can pass onto a greenhorn? I'm interested in communication, in following traditions, as well as nature + earth rituals.

03 Jun 2013, 21:37
Welcome to the very large net we call 'celtic' :). Have you felt called or attracted to any particular deities or are you looking to contact them in general? One thing that I've found myself a little obsessed with lately is trees/plants and how each has a significance and often a link to a deity. My own patron gods are each linked to birch, oak and reeds and learning about the other significances of these plants has been a really neat learning experience for me.
Midsummer is at the endish of this month (the 21st) and I -love- the rituals associated with seasonal celebrations. They're always so lovely and very inviting. And often blogged about, so an easy thing to do some internet research into.

04 Jun 2013, 06:44
Thanks for your response, wisp! Looking over the Celtic Pantheon, I rather like Brighid, Morrigan, Rhiannon, Luada ... Quite a few I like! Seeing as I have yet to discover my patron dieties, I'm game for almost anything. I love trees and plants and flowers of all kinds, so learning about those would be great too!

Oh? I'll look into the Midsummer posts on the forum for some information. I'm sure my grove will do something for it.

04 Jun 2013, 08:17
A lovely selection of gods. If you wanted to connect with any of them specifically, I'd recommend learning a bit about their characteristics, maybe lighting candles with colours that are important to them or setting up items of importance. (I have reeds I gathered for Lugh or a circular, mirrored plate as Arianrhod's silver wheel.) And then just ask for their presence or guidance or lessons or all three :) Let us know how these things are going for you and how else we may help.

04 Jun 2013, 09:02
Thanks so much!

Are there any gods you may recommend? I'm an artist, myself, and it would be nice if there were a few Celtic art gods. A quick google search of art dieties doesn't reveal much, so maybe you would know?

04 Jun 2013, 11:11
Actually, that's what drew me to Lugh. He is a god of artisans in general, a skilled god at all things. He's often portrayed as a warrior type (and he -has- made some warrior-like requests from me) but he was allowed into the courts of his fellow gods because he was skilled at -everything-, including the arts. Bran is another god who has been linked to the arts. Arianrhod is sometimes linked to weaving. Brighid sometimes has ties to the arts.
So many of the gods have such a wide selection of skills/realms that they have associations with. And sometimes it's those less obvious realms that they come to you for. Again, I'll turn to Lugh as an example. He is often cited as a sun and warrior god, but again, has many associations with the arts.

Phoenix LeFae
09 Jun 2013, 18:18
Celtic is such a broad term that you might try narrowing it down a bit. Irish Celtic, Scottish Celtic, Welsh, Britton? All of these flavors are slightly different. Perhaps reading on these different threads will narrow your scope down and give you a smaller direction to head towards. I would recommend anything written by Phillip and/or Stephanie Carr-Gomm, the writing is rather academic, but amazingly detailed and full of great stuff.