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04 Jun 2013, 13:16
i was first introduced to paganism through my now ex bf, hes wiccan. one of the things he told me about was his spirit animal, a raccoon. well since, ive been interested in findin my own, but have faced difficulties. when i meditate to call out for help, its not animals that come to me, its fairies and shadowes. ive seen them for years, but especially since ive started meditatin. idk anythin about them, are they good? bad? should i be worried??

04 Jun 2013, 13:31
Spirit guides come in all forms. Perhaps the ones you need and who are attracted to you are fae-aspected rather than animal aspected. While I have a few animal guides, I also have a spirit guide who comes to me as an old, grandmotherly type. I have also met satyr-types and other non-animal type spirits. If you don't feel threatened by them, then there is absolutely no need to worry. :) Maybe try speaking to these spirits the next time you go seeking. See what they have to say to you.

04 Jun 2013, 14:22
I think you have to consider that a Power Animal / spirit Guide / Shadow Totem / Totem does not have to be an animal though most times it will be an earthly creature. Guides themselves may take any form, even that of extinct animals or mythological creature's and beings. They may also take any form or stage of its influence. You also have to consider that totems / charges / etc vary from tradition to tradition and culture to culture or may not be present in any form. Though most neo-pagan practices seem to exploit the Native American notion of totems / guides / animals which can be quite a bit different than European charges / crests.

Think of bear for instance, it might be a guide yet an adult form scares to much so it initially comes as a cub and lovable until you grow accustomed to it. The bad part of this is that as a shadow totem it will possibly take the most extreme form of what you fear and must face. Thus a snake may be there to teach its shadow form and appear as a spitting viper that is determined to kill you in appearance. That also fails to address the shamanic death aspect where one's guide / totem rips your spiritual body apart and makes you rebuild yourself only to destroy you again if your not right. A situation that may physically bring you near the point of death or collapse of all you know and love. Needless to say potentially very painful across the spectrum of your life and Spirit & physical body.

At times a guide / totem / power animal / etc may also appear animorphic by having human and creature aspects. I can tell you it can be surreal some of the "Entities" you can encounter in such a combination. Other's may have not animal form but appear a cross between human and ____. It might be rock & stone, a combination of humanoid and plant or some thing totally unidentifiable to human senses and perspectives.

As to good or bad I'd guess for the fairies it would depend upon whether they are trooping or solitary type beings though some would identify them by seelie or unseelie court. Some by legend and lore have absolute hatred to humans such as the Scottish Red Cap which gets its name from dipping its cap into the blood of human's its killed. Other's like the Brownie are supposed to be both good and helpful if you treat them right and respect them. So it's difficult to say with regard to good or evil.

Shadows are a bit harder to address not knowing what a shadow is to you. It could be like a shadow person which is a black or dark outline of a human, usually male that is referred to by a lot of people as being seen in the physical. Though usually from the side of ones vision or almost flat and sliding, however, some also report full 3 dimensional presences. It could be like a shade or spectre type creature that may manifest as ones ancesteral / familial spirit or even something like a guardian spirit. As I said though it is difficult to say just what a shadow is without knowing how one uses the term or what they are actually seeing or believe they are seeing.

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I wrote this some time ago as I was trying to understand things but it might be of help to you.


Of the many things I have come to understand and / or experience as I walk my path none has been more influencing than that of the concept of being attacked. Not just the concept of “attack” itself as the word implies but the many forms and manners that one may experience a so called “attack”.

One facet that tends to be a reoccurring notion in the shamanic field in my experience is the notion of attack and the perception or belief of being attacked. A situation or event that occurs upon the physical plain and many time on the realms and plains that one may encounter during journeywork. Yes, even when one explores the inner realities of self and faces their own shadow self and shadow totems.

Yet one must ask themselves, is an attack or being attacked a truth? Many times one finds that the sensation of being attacked is more of a self-influenced idea than an actual attack. They see and believe an attack shall occur then see every situation as a manifestation of that belief. The random bee sting suddenly becomes a directed attack upon them. The random encounter with some creature suddenly viewed as everything other than what it was. Almost becoming a self fulfilling prophesy as what one expects is seen to take shape and form.

The other thing to my perspective is many fail to realize the difference between being tested and being attacked. In older culture's one often found their power animal or totem animal by surviving an attack by said creature. A concept that in today’s go into meditation and call your totem a far cry from how many culture’s actually viewed it. No, in practice one actually experienced an attack that may have occurred upon the physical plain or in journey work. An attack that may serve to test the body and spirit of the one being chosen or called. For instance while I have never been attacked in the physical by wolf I have been attacked in the journey plain and marked by them.

Yet snake has initiated attacks on me in both the physical world and in journey work. Snake medicine showing through Black snakes that coil up and strike, Copper Heads that suddenly appear before me and block my path, corn snakes that just appear as I am tracking a deer, water snakes both on shore and in the water. Over and over have they appeared as I have faced their shadow magic’s, lessening as I come to know them and see their lessons.

In journey I have been struck by rattlesnake, bitten and held by python and or Boa (not sure of the difference actually). Faced what I can only describe as a great Naga, weaving and dancing before its gaze. Sometimes dying in the attack, other times becoming deathly sick for the duration of the dream / journey work. Other times physically becoming ill and manifesting it upon the material plain as the dream / journey test influences me.

Trees were one of my most hurtful teachers and attackers. I can't speak of the number of times I fell from one, ran into one or slide down a slope and ended wrapped up in one. Yet once I started to understand tree and it's lessons on the surface I started to understand its medicine and magic’s. The lessons of bending before the wind vice breaking before it. The idea of having a firm foundation and deep roots less I be plucked up and pulled away easily, especially upon a spiritual pathway. Even the lesson of fighting when one needs to fight but also turning the other way when fighting is not the right way to change the situation or area.

It seems to me that so many seem to think that some form of attack is going to happen or is occurring that they create the situations themselves. So positive that they are being attacked that every shimmer is a servitor, every flicker is an enshrouded enemy, every sound the approach of something out to get them. While there are many things that seek to engage us, test us and perhaps even attack and destroy us we can not think or assume it to be the case each time.

Yes Spirit and the many forms it takes often does test us. We are tested for bravery, were tested for compassion, for anger, for passion on and on the list goes. If we are lucky enough to pass all the tests and the creature doing the testing thinks we are worthy they may choose us and mark us. If not mark then takes us under their wing for some lessons in life and living and teaches us their magic’s and power.

Some testing so painful that one just might ask why? Some testing so destroying of ones self that it seems their can be no reason. Some testing truly serving the purpose to dismember and see if we can survive their teachings. However, sometimes a bee sting is just a bee sting and simply means we stepped on it or caused it to respond from being threatened.

Yet the first of all lessons they teach is that an attack is not always an attack, sometimes its simply a lesson or teaching. What we think of as attacks and being attacked is far more frequently a product of our own imagination and thinking than any formal attack upon us. That Spirit doesn’t have to send a bogey man to attack us for we manage to create that scenario on our own as we assume we are being attacked.

But one must also be aware that a test can be quite painful and appear as an attack though it is not the intent of the creature testing you!