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23 Jun 2013, 13:58
Hi, I'm a newbie here and have an odd question.

I participate in outdoor sports and we've been having some "bad luck" at our venue (accidents). I don't want to say more for fear of identifying the place.

Today I was up there on my own and had some strange experiences. I "saw" a hooded entity twice which moved very fast, it felt like it did not want us to know it was there. I tried sitting quietly and talking to it but it would not answer. But as I walked though the area where I had seen it there was a marked cold area.

I'd like to place some herbs in this cold area. But I've no idea what. I've tried to project that we mean it no harm and if it needs help it should guide us.

Its fair to say its unsettled me a lot and I could use some advice on what to do.


mike (Barticus)

Maria de Luna
24 Jun 2013, 04:33
Since it's an outdoor area, try some dried ground Sage, it is often used for cleansing. You could also steep some sage in water, and sprinkle that around the area, its good for purification without burning or salt. As you lay whatever you are going to use out, try and see a warm cleansing light wash away the cold as you do it. Maybe leave an offering nearby as well to help appease the spirits of the area, and see if you can get their help in keeping the area safe. Just my little suggestion.

Little bits of food or bread, that would be welcomed by local flora and fauna tend to be good offerings, or something that can be poured into the earth, like honey or sugar water, are also good.

24 Jun 2013, 08:58
Thanks :)

Thats really helpful :)

I'll certainly try the sage. The place is full of wildlife too so I'll find something that they might enjoy as an offering.

i did sit, yesterday, and try talking to the woods, and that did seem to help.

thanks again for the advice.