View Full Version : Medicinal Herbs for Fertility

Dragua Kalė
21 Aug 2013, 16:02
I'm not asking for the magickal fertility herbs, I want ones I can take for medicine so I can have a baby. Anyone know of ones that work?

21 Aug 2013, 16:05
I'm really sorry. I don't know anything,yet. But I'll look into it for you,good luck.

21 Aug 2013, 16:08
Honestly, you should really be talking to your doctor about this. Even if there are medicine herbs that help promote fertility, there are often causes as to why conception is difficult and it's not always on the female's end. Plus, it's unwise to take herbal treatments without consulting your physician on the off-chance you have negative side-effects or it interacts with other medications (or even food) you may be taking.

Dragua Kalė
21 Aug 2013, 16:40
If I had money, I'd be going to a doctor.

21 Aug 2013, 18:34
If I had money, I'd be going to a doctor.

I know this is not what you've asked for and I am well aware that I neither know your situation nor intend to put you on the defensive... However, this statement immediately raised a big red flag for me. If you don't have the money to go speak to your doctor about this, do you really think that having a baby is a wise decision at this point in time? Babies cost money. Granted, fertility treatments are rather expensive (I am very much aware of that, I've been trying to conceive for 6 years) but there are less expensive things to try. For instance, I tried a few rounds of Clomid under supervision and instruction of my OBGYN. The Clomid itself is not very expensive (at least not with insurance) and it's relatively safe. There are some side effects such as nausea and mood swings... but nothing worse than birth control hormones - mind you this is just my personal experience.