View Full Version : I ask all who can help me and my family.

07 May 2014, 10:02
I ask because my family is trying to survive with the little money they have. My dad died not so long ago and we have little money left and we're trying to move somewhere cheaper. My family often fights with each other and I wish it would stop as they have argued about what they are going to do and I don't like seeing that. I just want what's best for my family. I want my family to stay around long enough to move to somewhere else and have enough money for themselves. If I was rich, I'd gladly give my money to them. My mom deserves it as she's gone though quite a few things.
I only ask for a prayer to help me with my luck and willpower. I feel as if I have had bad things happen to me, things that shouldn't ever happen to a person and I'm a good person too! Never broke the law, never stole anything but as I am studying Druidism, I am hoping by doing that, I will have gained wisdom and more willpower for myself, as sometimes I have trouble continuing forward. With the world going on as it is, it's difficult for me to stay in school as I see little point in Even if I achieve my dreams, I sometimes see that it won't last long, even if I succeed in getting the job I want. I just need to have more confidence in myself really, but I wish I had more luck in my life. I also hope to one day go out with a girl again sometime as it's been years since I've gone out with someone and being lonely is something that bothers me the most. I feel incomplete without a girl. That's what I really want for myself. A girl just to love and care for. I have the utmost respect for women. That's all I'm asking for really as far as myself but my family does need a lot of help as far as money goes.

I am asking everyone to pray for me and my family, ask your deity or deities, lend out any healing energy.

07 May 2014, 10:42
You've got my prayers.
Luck isn't something one can control, but you should gain patience and confidence. :)

07 May 2014, 10:55
Thanks very much Gleb. I really do appreciate it and your advice really does help, as always :) I appreciate any good prayers and healing energy. :) Thanks so much. :)

07 May 2014, 10:58
I'm nobody special, but I'm always glad to help :)

Tylluan Penry
07 May 2014, 11:00
Sending hugs and helping blessings.

07 May 2014, 11:03
Bless you. :) Thank you for praying for me and my family. Every little bit helps. :)

07 May 2014, 11:41
Control what you can control and accept the things you can not. Also on the topic of having someone..it is great, and wonderful..but the most important thing is to be a whole person before you go out searching, and better yet, don't go searching..stop looking..work on you..and the things you desire will often find you. Do you best to be well and do well and care for those around you..

But regardless, I will send positive energies your way as best I can. I wish you the best of luck! :)

08 May 2014, 06:00
May you and your family find your way. Everyone has a tough year from time to time, and perhaps the reasons are as varied as the people. Storms pass.