View Full Version : Looking for assistance with my calling

20 Jul 2014, 15:23
30 years ago as a child, I didn't realize that my innocent dream to start a camp to enhance education was actually a spiritual calling.

I spent my youth going to camp, my young adulthood learning about camp administration and working in as many different camps in as many positions as possible. I earned my BS in Outdoor Recreation and my MS in Recreation Park and Tourism Administration. I worked in and took graduate level classes in education as well.

Over that last year, I've grown and experienced so much spiritually; it's really amazing. I'm told that I'm now ready to start my "camp."

It's a place like no other. A place where individuals can go to fully immerse themselves in whatever they're interests or fields of studies are, whether it be history, science, or art. There is a separate area for spirituality where individuals can learn about the practices of their choice or explore to discover where they belong. Representatives of many faiths reside on the grounds for a period of 6 months. While there, they teach classes, lead discussions and spiritual practices, and do community outreach. This is a safe place to practice your faith, free from judgement and prying eyes. Sacred spaces are available appropriate to each faith.

I have received confirmation from many that this is my true path and purpose here. I have the support of many but not all. I'm seeking energy and prayerful assistance to make this camp happen. Take a moment, see if you feel led to support me in this task. If so, please send a little energy my way so the funding needed can come through. If you feel negatively toward my project, please just let it go and move on. My goal is strictly to help those that want help and to hurt no one.

Thank you. I'll keep you posted on progress.