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Night Wizard
09 Sep 2014, 16:33
Hey folks, a question:

I have opted to automatically subscribe to every thread I create or post in. However, when I attempt to see if any such threads have new unread posts, it always says in my profile in the subscriptions section that I am not currently subscribed to any threads. This confuses me because when I manually navigate to a thread in which I have partaken, it says I am already subscribed! Am I doing something wrong here?

09 Sep 2014, 16:49
Alright, your profile is registering as having automatic subscriptions enabled. Are you seeing this error in Settings itself or did you click a link from inside settings to get to it?

- - - Updated - - -

also, this more a site info than general question so I've shifted it there.

Night Wizard
09 Sep 2014, 19:19
Ahhh! I figured out how to find my subscribed threads!

This is resolved, thanks :P