View Full Version : Could Use Some Good Vibes Right Now :(

26 Sep 2014, 21:22
So here it is almost midnight where I live, and I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid I won't wake up.

I accidentally overdosed on my Dulera (an inhaler for asthmatics). After talking with poison control twice, the people there think I'll probably be fine without going to the hospital. But it's going to be a long night.

I overdosed when I went to grab my emergency inhaler. :(

PSA to those with asthma or with loved ones who have asthma: always, always, ALWAYS look to see which inhaler you're grabbing. If you're looking for the emergency inhaler, look for albuterol or possibly levalbuterol. If you're the asthmatic, ALWAYS keep your emergency and long-term inhalers in widely separate places. The emergency should be within a few feet or reaching distances depending on how bad your symptoms get. Make sure you have to walk to get to the long term inhaler.

I made the mistake of keeping mine in two different pockets of the same bag. The inhalers have roughly the same heft, so it was an easy mistake to make in the heat of an impending emergency.

Well, back to Reddit. . . .

26 Sep 2014, 22:53
Sending my prayers in your direction. I have asthma, and I have my turbo inhalator with me. When I go to sleep, I put it as near as possible on my desk, so if anything happens, I can use it. Plus, I try to keep the windows of my room open. Not too long ago, the window was barely open, I barely breathed, and couldn't sleep. In the end I opened the window and everything settled.

Anyway, keep your inhalators near!

27 Sep 2014, 00:36
Things are looking a lot better. The fomoterol in the inhaler is causing some insomnia, but there's no cure for that other than time.

29 Sep 2014, 09:45
sorry to hear that satu i know this response is a it late but i hope all's well, about the accidental OD that is