View Full Version : Faroe Island Stamps (and Heathen mythology)

21 Feb 2015, 11:49
Just an FYI (because I collect mermaid and ocean mythology stamps, because I'm a total nerd like that)...If anyone is looking for anything in the way of unique Heathen-related artwork for devotional or other purposes (like home decor), the Faroe Islands (and likely other countries, if you go looking) have some *awesome* mythology and folklore themed stamp sets.

Sjódreygil & the Norns (http://www.postbeeld.com/en/stamps/view/sfab0603-norden-mythology-ss/)

Myths and Legends (http://www.stampmasteralbum.com/StampProducts/StampProductPage14.htm) (its a series of 22 stamps with images from various myths and legends...Wikimedia Commons has some better individual images of these, like this one of Gram and Grani (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Faroe_stamp_391_gram_and_grani.jpg))

This set... (http://www.catawiki.com/catalog/stamps/countries-regions-territories/faroe-islands/1007105-norse-sagas-voluspa)

...you know what...forget all those links... This one is better (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Anker_Eli_Petersen#2003)--the same artist did all of these (plus some others).

27 Feb 2015, 01:57
Okay, not much of a stamp collector here (in fact not at all), but I still want those. Way cool.