• Herbs for Children

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    Herbal Remedies for Babies

    Teething Rub
    1 ounce pure vegetable glycerin
    1-2 drops essential oil of clove

    Add one drop of oil to glycerin and shake well. Test on self BEFORE using on baby. If needed, add 2nd drop and repeat.

    Baby Wipes

    1 c distilled water
    1/4 c aloe vera gel
    1 TBS baby shampoo
    1 TBS calendula oil
    5 drop lavender essential
    5 drop tea tree essential oil

    mix in spray bottle to clean the baby's butt and wipe with flannel or other sof cloth (old recieving blankets work great, cut into squares)

    Herbal Insect Repellent

    2 parts catnip leaves
    1 part peppermint leaves
    1 part rosemary, cut into 6-inch sprigs
    enough carrier oil to cover the herbs......I recommend at least 1/2 c of grapeseed oil as grapeseed oil is high in vitamin E, which acts as a preservative

    Lightly crush (fresh) herbs and place in clean glass jar. Infuse. Strain and store.

    *note: According to a study at Iowa State University Department of Entomology, one of the oils found in catnip is 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than potent chemicals such as DEET.
    *if you are a cat owner, I'm not sure this is a good idea... :P

    Baby Butt Salve

    To make the oil:
    1 part c lavender flowers
    1 part c calendula petals
    1 part c chamomile flowers
    carrier oil...for this I generally use a mix of grapeseed, sweet almond and EVOO

    Infuse oils. Strain.

    To make the salve:
    Beeswax and cocoa butter at a 3:2 ratio
    (guideline: 1 pint of oil generally needs about 1 1/2 oz beeswax, to verify desired consistence, pour a little bit to cool and test)

    Melt beeswax and cocoa butter. Stir and add oil to desired consistency. Pour into containers and cool.

    Calming Massage Oil

    1 part lavender flowers
    1/2 part lemon balm
    1/2 part clary sage

    Infuse and strain. Use for infant massage (http://www.bygpub.com/natural/massage.htm).

    Baby Powder

    1 part cornstarch
    1 part arrowroot
    1/2 part colloidal oat starch
    1/3 part powdered lavender buds
    1/3 part powdered calendula petals

    Mix very well, put into shaker to use.

    Essential Oils for Babies:

    The recommended “dose” of essential oil is 1-2 drops per 28 lbs of the child when adding to a bath, or other one-time use. When adding to a carrier oil, the general “rule” is about 8 drops essential oil per 50 mL (about 3 ½ tablespoons) carrier oil for children OVER 12 months. For infants under a year, the recommended dosage is 2 drops for newborns and 5 drops for infants 3-12 months (also per 50 mL).

    Recommended oils by age:

    Newborn (birth to 2 months)
    Chamomile (Roman and German)

    2-6 months
    Same as above, and…

    6-12 months
    Same as above, and…
    Palma Rosa
    Tea tree
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