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Remembering ChainLightning

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    Re: Remembering ChainLightning

    I've been very quiet about Chain's death. And I couldn't really say what I wanted to say before. To those of you who reached out to me. To leave me words of encouragement, I heard you. And I thank you. I just couldn't reach out. It's not like me. I carry grief quietly with me. I have added him to the piece of me inside that still loves. I carry my dead loved ones in there. It helps me not to feel alone to know I'm going to carry him with me as well.

    I still miss you Chain. But know you are with me. Always.
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      Re: Remembering ChainLightning

      Having returned to PF only today, I just heard about Chain's passing. I will be eternally grateful to MaskedOne for relaying this information to me. When I left here four years ago, Mike was one of the few people I kept in touch with. We spoke on Facebook a few times a year, yet frequently enough to know that he was in ill health. It hurts my heart to know that I'll never speak with my friend again, yet I choose to believe that it was he that has been the unseen driving force behind my recent nagging urge to return to these forums, a place he and I once called home together. I shall raise a glass in his honour. Hail ChainLightning! Hail Mike! Rest well my friend.
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        Re: Remembering ChainLightning

        I suppose this is a long time coming, and a bit late to join in I suppose, but it being Father's Day and all ...

        Something had me going back into my old notifications and messages a little while ago, and I realized that I had two from Chain. Both of them were back in September of last year, and I'd all but forgotten about them until today. One of them was due to a series of stupid jokes and puns that were being made, and he sent me a message to thank me for the laughs, stating that it felt good to smile again. The other was much more special to me.

        I joined this site about 5 years ago, and have been coming off and on, since. After my initial appearance and disappearance here, I had struggled with feelings of not quite fitting in anymore, and said so in the Confessions thread, but that I kept sticking in out and was starting to feel at home again. That was when Chain sent me a message thanking me for sticking around, because he said that I was part of the family. That simple message was what prompted me to return yet again.

        So know that you're missed, Chain, and that you have my, and I'd like to say, all of our deepest respects. Happy Father's Day.


          Re: Remembering ChainLightning

          Been meaning to share this for awhile, so thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Every time I hear this song, I think of Chain.

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          I wondered if he could ever understand that it was a blessing, not a sin, to be graced with more than one love.
          It could be complicated; of course it could be complicated. And it opened one up to the possibility of more pain and loss.
          Still, it was a blessing I would never relinquish. Love, genuine love, was always a cause for joy.
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            Re: Remembering ChainLightning

            Oh my....I....I suppose this is what I get for staying away for so long. I was just informed on chat about this, and though it's been almost 8 months since it happened I guess I'm feeling the shock for the first time. Chain-you were a friend, and like family to a lot of us on here, and will always be loved and missed and in our hearts. I will always remember how he was one to reach out to me when I was in a super rough spot and really actually cared about all of us on here-despite his grumpyness. Rest in peace dear friend
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              Re: Remembering ChainLightning

              Originally posted by Yorin View Post
              Oh my....I....I suppose this is what I get for staying away for so long.
              It's not your fault, Yorin... You had to do what you had to do.
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                Re: Remembering ChainLightning

                I never met Mr. Chain, though I'm sure we would have gotten along if we did meet.


                  Re: Remembering ChainLightning

                  Just logged in to see this. How terrible. My thoughts are with those who knew and loved him.


                    Re: Remembering ChainLightning

                    I was so sad when I heard the news about Chain.

                    If I'm honest its been so long since I was last on here and my mind is foggy with faces and I don't remember everyone who used to be here.. but I do remember Chain

                    I'm so sad and so sorry for everyones loss


                      Re: Remembering ChainLightning

                      Just returned to the forum ... Many memories shine and a few tears fall for one that I never met in the real world but felt close to nonetheless ... I will miss you my fellow olde phartte ...

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