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An actual PF cookbook?

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    An actual PF cookbook?

    Hey friends, been mulling this idea over for a while.

    I'm willing to put in the leg work, but what about an actual PF cookbook? I'm thinking like in the style of those little community cookbooks that you find at old lady flea markets. We could have a breakfast category, snacks, dinner, etc.

    I could find a cheap book making website, and cost would just be the cost to break even with shipping. The artsy folks in us could do some little illustrations or something. We could include anecdotes related to ourselves or our paths or whatever (like cinnamon apple pie with a little quote on the magical properties of cinnamon).

    Is anyone interested? We've all come up with such cool ideas over the years.

    Edit: or we could organize it by sabbat!
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    Re: An actual PF cookbook?

    I'm down! May not look like it but I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and stuff

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      Re: An actual PF cookbook?

      You want my secret recipies?

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        Re: An actual PF cookbook?

        I'm interested in this!
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          Re: An actual PF cookbook?

          I'm totally down with this!!!! I'm not artsy by any means but I love writing recipes.
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            Re: An actual PF cookbook?

            Great idea!
            Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.


              Re: An actual PF cookbook?

              oooh...that sounds fun!
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                Re: An actual PF cookbook?

                Awesome! I'm so down with this idea. Start sharing your secret recipes, folks!

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                  Re: An actual PF cookbook?

                  Olive-enhanced Camembert-topped Burger


                  -Ground meat
                  -Camembert cheese
                  -Salted Butter
                  -Olives (green or black, though I personally prefer green)
                  -Crispy Fried Onions (you can fry them yourself)
                  -Boring Salad (it has to be boring to balance out the utter amazingness of the rest of the ingredients)
                  -Buns or not (no buns: Keto-friendly, unless you use Keto buns, then it's still keto, by definition)

                  Tools needed:

                  -Your hands (if you don't have any, there's always craigslist...)
                  -A knife
                  -Exactly, and precisely, a single spoon
                  -One pan


                  First, take those olives, and TEAR THEIR HEARTS OUT (take out the pits) and chop them into small bits. Take your ground meat (fatty beef is best) add salt (but not too much, you'll see why) and pepper to taste, then incorporate the chopped olives into the mixture and mix everything well. The meat-to-olive ratio is something you need to keep an eye for. Too much and it's not MEATY enough, too little and you might not have enough of that Mediterranean goodness that olives provide to your palate. Got your olive-enhanced meat? Good. Make it into patties. If you're like me, you'll have "friends" coming over so you make a ton of patties but since you don't actually have any friends you'll just end up eating it all by yourself and feeling extremely guilty about it. I may or may not be talking out of experience. The width of the patty should be somewhere around 1.5cm. Way less than that, and the patty will be cooked before the cheese has a chance to melt, way more, and heat transfer won't be as good, so your cheese won't melt properly.
                  Now put your kitchen stove or whatever heated surface you use on its maximum f**king temperature. You heard me right. Raise hell in there. Put your pan on the stove and wait. But how much? Until you see it literally smoking. Then take it out of the heat source and quickly add the salted butter to it (this is why you shouldn't salt your meat too much). How much? It depends. Do you want to be a little pansy? Or do you want to be A REAL DUDE(ETTE)?! DROWN THAT MOFO IN BUTTER, HELL YEAH, FAT.
                  (It's really up to you, I probably add more than I should)
                  We take the pan out of the stove so as to not burn the butter while its melting, but you can skip this if you pre-melted the butter in a microwave or something.
                  Once the butter is mostly melted, but it back into the heat source, still at hellish red hot heat. Wait for a few seconds for the butter's temp to increase a bit (unless you pre-melted it and added it directly without taking the pan out of the stove) and add your patty(ies). Holy mother of Burger King. The sizzling should make you feel as if you are in love with the scorching hot butter. Don't make love to it though, I won't be held accountable for third degree burns in parts of your anatomy I'd rather not talk about in a cooking recipe. While that's cooking (or before you start cooking. In hindsight, depending on the amount of patties you're doing, you might not have time to do the following step while the first side of the patties are cooking), cut some slices out of your Camembert cheese. Thick slices will do, as the creamy texture of Camembert makes it virtually impossible to cut in delicate, regular thin slices. Once you flip your patties, add the cheese slices on top of them, and with a spoon, scoop some of that glorious hot butter and pour it on top of the cheese. Instant food-porn, right before your eyes. A few scoops should suffice to get the melting started. At this point, if you have leftover chopped olives you might as well throw them on top of the melting cheese. Why the hell not. Nothing really matters anymore, except for the fact that you're going to treat your palate to some heavenly creation.
                  If you have leftover cheese (and you should always have some cheese lying around), you can make a comfy bed on your plate (or bun) out of more cheese slices for your now almost finished cooking burgers. add some lettuce and tomato slices if you want to minimize the severe guilt the completion of this recipe might bring upon you.

                  Using a spatula, and maybe a fork for stabilization, carefully lift the patties with its fabulous melted Camembert wig and place it on its cheesy-veggie bed. Sing it a lullaby. BUT WAIT NOT SO FAST. This lacks... SAUCE. But we already have that covered. You see, now the hot butter from the pan is INFUSED with the meaty goodness and the few bits of olives and cheese that might have fallen into the gastronomical gold. So pour that liquid quintessence on top of the whole thing, and revere it for its godly aroma and appearance. Finally top it off with crispy fried onions (and optionally, a bun).


                  Nutritional Facts:

                  Fat: A truckload.
                  Carbs: Practically none!
                  Protein: Enough to make you go from wimp to Thanos on a single gym session.
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                    Can you hear me, Major Tom? I think I love you.


                      Re: An actual PF cookbook?


                      Mostly art.


                        Re: An actual PF cookbook?

                        Vegetarian Spaghetti

                        2 cans of Spaghetti Sauce
                        2 cans of Diced Tomato
                        2 cans of Stewed Tomato
                        2 onions
                        2 Bell peppers (variety of red/yellow/orange)
                        1 cup of mushrooms, finely chopped
                        1 can of black olives chopped
                        5 medium tomatoes
                        1 Bag of garden beefless crumbles
                        All of the Italian seasoning and garlic seasoning (okay, more like 1/3 a container of Italian, and 3 tbls garlic, to taste)
                        1/8 cup sugar

                        Toss all the cans of tomato product in a stock pot, minus the actual tomatoes, low heat. Chop what you need to chop (onion, bell pepper, mushroom, olives). Toss a little oil in a skillet, add your seasoning first, and then dump in your peppers. Cook for a minute and dump in your onion. Cook for a minute and add in the mushroom and black olives. If you use a meat tenderizer on the mushrooms before this step, they get a bit of a meaty texture and you can skip the beefless crumbles. Cook that until the onions are almost translucent. Add in the tomatoes, quartered or smaller, depending on your preference. Let them cook with all that in the skillet until the skin starts to come off. Toss in you sugar, stir, and toss it all in the stock pot. Add your beefless crumbles, and anything you may have missed. Simmer all day (or at least a couple hours, or not at all if your hungry) stirring as needed to keep it from sticking to the bottom. Cook your favorite noodles, or heat up some chickpeas, toss the noodles on top, and sprinkle with Parmesan or a cheese of choice.

                        Meaty Meatballs

                        1 lb Hamburger
                        1 lb Italian sausage
                        1/3 container of Italian seasoning
                        2 tbls of minced garlic

                        Mix it all together. Toss it in your skillet, preferably immediately following your veggies for spaghetti, medium heat, flip as needed to cook all sides. Set to the side or add to the sauce if no one minds the meat. Add cheese to them before mixing if you want to get fancy.
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                        Still, it was a blessing I would never relinquish. Love, genuine love, was always a cause for joy.
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                          Re: An actual PF cookbook?

                          Samhain/Halloween Tea
                          (Or, what to do with all the pumpkin bits from making jack'o'lanterns...but not the squidgy parts)

                          All the pumpkin bits from the eyes, etc. OR 1/4 of a small pie pumpkin: Steam the pumpkin bits or quartered pie pumpkin (I do this in a microwave) til tender but still firm (your pumpkin should not be mashable), remove and allow to cool, remove the fleshy parts and finely dice
                          1-2 granny smith or otherwise tart apples OR the peel from 5-6 apples (such as if you were concurrently making pies): Finely dice apples or apple peel (I like the apple peel method if I'm not using the cores and peels to ferment)
                          Peel from 1-2 oranges: Cut into small pieces
                          Dry the apple and pumpkin and orange peel: Place the pumpkin and apple bits on parchement paper or a silicone baking mat and dry in the oven OR dry in a dehydrator.

                          Option 1: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves, Cardamom--Combine and coarsley grind...I don't have a precise measurement for these, but I usually toss in 2 cinnamon sticks, 5-6 cloves, 1-2 allspice berries, 5-6 cardamom cloves, and 1/2 a nutmeg
                          Combine the ground spices with candied ginger: Finely slice candied ginger into pieces about the size of slivered almonds...maybe about a handful

                          Option 2:
                          Buy some pumpkin pie spice or make your own using ground spices (I really don't like this as much because they are ground to finely, but I admit its easier)

                          Mix the dried pumpkin, dried apple, ground spices and sliced candied ginger with am equal amount of tea leaves (I like to use Earl Grey). Place in an airtight container and store in a dark cool place until its gone. Prepare like tea when you want to drink.
                          Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of HistoryPagan Devotionals, because the wind and the rain is our Bible


                            Re: An actual PF cookbook?

                            Taken from Serious Eats....literally my favourite meal.

                            Ful Mudhammas

                            3 cloves garlic
                            1 teaspoon cumin seeds, freshly toasted
                            Kosher salt
                            2 (15-ounce) cans fava beans
                            3 tablespoons tahini
                            2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice from 2 lemons, or more to taste

                            Put garlic cloves, cumin seeds, and a pinch of salt in a mortar and pestle and crush until seeds are cracked and garlic is in small, flimsy chunks. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, mince garlic very fine.

                            Empty fava beans (with liquid) into a medium saucepan and combine with tahini and garlic paste. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until liquid retains some brothiness but turns thick and sauce-like, about 5 minutes.

                            Add lemon juice and salt to taste. Mash one third of the beans with a potato masher to thicken if desired, then serve with toasted pita.

                            - - - Updated - - -
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