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    Re: Pagan Forum's Ultimate Book List

    Originally posted by volcaniclastic View Post
    Thanks for the recommendations. I don't think I clarified what I was thinking very well. I'm not interested in instructional books, or 'advanced magic' - I was more thinking along the lines of the prose Edda, as Shahaku suggested. Or environmental activism. Or non-fictional memoirs, or fictional books, or scholarly history articles. Things which are not exactly pagan (or are), but which deepen your understanding and appreciation for the world, other religions, other cultures, nature, etc.

    I didn't know Damh the Bard was still doing stuff. I'll check that out!
    I've been listening to ancient history audiobooks so I can stay ahead of my 6yos history book. Since it's a Christian source, I'm always double checking for factualness. This year is ancient history, so I've read a few books on that topic.

    When Women Ruled the World explores ancient Egyptian women Pharaohs. I really enjoyed that one.

    Ancestral Journeys is a book about the settling of Europe and what we can learn from DNA and archeology. It goes through to the days of the Vikings. It's dry, but heads good information.

    I think books like this give you a solid foundation to pick out what's true and not (like there whole Christians stole Easter from Ostara thing).

    Mary Pope Osborne has a series called Tales from the Odyssey. It's intended for children, but I've found it interesting to listen to with my daughter.

    Other source materials:
    The Illiad
    The Egyptian Book of the Dead
    The Tibetan Book of the Dead
    A copy each of the Bible, Torah, and Koran
    Aesop's fables
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      Re: Pagan Forum's Ultimate Book List

      The witching ways of the hollow hill by Robbin Arteson, i probly spelled his name wrong.All of his books are very interesting,he calls his craft traditional.


        Re: Pagan Forum's Ultimate Book List

        The book that inspired me the most was The Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft and Demonology, so much information. I read it when I was a kid, I am 60 now and will never forget it, it covers witchcraft and occult.


          Re: Pagan Forum's Ultimate Book List

          I think it important to add The Path Of The Greenman by Michael Thomas Ford for any gay beginners - it is much more a "experience" book than text book - it is a very subtle intro to paganism for men without getting clubbed over the head with the 101 stuff...


            Re: Pagan Forum's Ultimate Book List

            hey thanks for that recommendation! It looks like an interesting read.

            Mostly art.