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    Re: Heathen Resources

    useful perhaps!


      Re: Heathen Resources This person makes their items from re-purposed metals. They have great stuff.


        Re: Heathen Resources

        Magazine on reconstructionist Heathenry:
        * * *
        You can find some of my creative writing at


          Re: Heathen Resources

          Stephen Pollington's 'Elder Gods' is truly a masterpiece for Anglo Saxon heathen research, saying that all his books are good but 'Elder Gods' is phenomenal. It might be a bit pricey to somebody new to the subject but it is worth every penny.

          I would concur with others that is easily the best heathen forum on the internet.


            Re: Heathen Resources

            Oh what a list! I could definitely use this!

            I'd like to add a runes site that I love:

            ThorSon's milkshake brings all the PF girls to the yard - Volcaniclastic


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            Seen the desert and the birds
            You cut your hair short
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            Since the day you were born
            Revolting with anger
            While it smiled like it was cute
            That everything was shit.

            - J. Wylder


              Re: Heathen Resources

              Some UK websites to buy authentic things (such as jewellery based on real finds, lots of reenactment gear, so pouches, shoes, swords etc) that I use:

              Merchant of Menace - I know the bloke who runs this site, while some of his things may be a little on the expensive side, I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING is hand made and I know for a fact everything he sells is good quality, which is why things may cost a little more. I always buy my stuff from him.
              Asgard Crafts - Very very good for jewellery.


                Re: Heathen Resources

                I just stumbled upon these sites a day ago, and while it seems that they haven't been updated for at least a few years, they have some interesting information in them.


                  Re: Heathen Resources

                  The Norse Mythology Online Library Featured Free eBook The Poetic Edda Translated by Henry Adams Bellows Read Online The Norse ...

                  The Northern Mythology Blog is a great site in and of itself, but this free book download list makes me a little giddy...

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                  Blood and Country

                  Tribe of my Tribe
                  Clan of my Clan
                  Kin of my Kin
                  Blood of my Blood

                  For the Yule was upon them, the Yule; and they quaffed from the skulls of the slain,
                  And shouted loud oaths in hoarse wit, and long quaffing swore laughing again.


                    Re: Heathen Resources

                    The Viking Spirit an introduction to norse mythology and religion by Daniel McCoy

                    Im not allowed to post links but if you search "Norse Mythology for smart people" you should find the authors website

                    This is a modern work that includes the stories from the edda but explains which parts were in the edda due to the christian system of reconstruction.

                    - - - Updated - - -

                    The microsoft store has an app called Rune Reading that I just installed it. search for "download runes app" and it will be at the top of the results on bing search engine.
                    I tried it right before posting this and I'm hoping its accurate. Whether it is or not it told me the same thing I was already thinking! Lol
                    whatcha listening to thread is my playlist for today music i mean