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The Devil - An Old Foe Brings Light to the Darkness

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    The Devil - An Old Foe Brings Light to the Darkness

    Patterns of problems will persist and repeat themselves in different ways in your life until you learn to break the chain and move forward. Although the events that come to pass may vary, the problem itself or theme surrounding the situation is always the same. To bring about change, you must change your actions and reactions to bring about a different result. Continuing to do the same thing or turning a blind eye to the problem won't make it go away nor will it change the result. The Devil card in a tarot deck is a good example of these types of patterns. Often, we get bound by these metaphorical chains because initially we think we want to be or perhaps something got out of control too quickly before we realized what was going on. Sometimes we are even vulnerable enough to be manipulated into them because we want or need something, and accept the consequences that come with them rather than striving to fullfill those things in our selves. Eventually, we may find our shackles too tight and uncomfortable, and even though we begin to desire change, we fear it instead and find ourselves addicted to the cold hard metal surrounding our wrists and ankles. Why are we such fearful creatures? Is it because we don't believe that we deserve anything better? Often, a lack of taking charge to change "the Devils" in our lives will result in a higher power taking over, something beyond our control - something cataclysmic, unexpected, and difficult to deal with... Which brings us to the next card in the deck, The Tower.

    This is my interpretation of the Devil in the Tarot. You see, I've noticed a pattern taking place in my life that I now know how to break, just from pulling this single card and vocalizing my interpretation of it. I just thought I would share this with you all in hopes that it may help someone else as much as its helped me.

    Thanks for reading,
    The Hanged Man

    Re: The Devil - An Old Foe Brings Light to the Darkness

    Thanks for that informative information and I really like your writing style. I always seem to pull the Devil card in my own spreads when in relation to mischievousness... perhaps because that is my nature (a little naughty at times) and I relate well to the quirky devilish persona of the devil. When reading for others I interpret the card as it is traditionally meant to be.
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