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Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon

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    Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon

    I would like to know what is the name or description of the demon which can remove your main demon and make him enter another person. It is some sort of exorcist demon which makes you experience your demon in its full potential... I do not think it is in me... however I can experience others demons through my own demonic teacher.

    The description of this demon is black diaphanous dress like almost like smoke with many parts that are so light they almost float around him, he is a young 'boy' like , not tall, and has some red delicate ribbons with motifs and symbols around the dress. Please understand it is hard to describe, they do not have a body and are asexual, however he made me the impression of a young boy of maybe 14.. who is he?

    I saw the demon during the ritual and I would like to know if there are stronger demons / what is this demon.

    My goal is to go to the next ritual which will take place in August and either make love to a goddess which is possessed by my demon and me by hers (a cosmic demon which can make you see and feel God), or either imprison that demon inside a special spell which was given to me. It will all depends if I make it to the ritual, if the ritual occurs again, if the goddess will be there or if there will be again another stronger force which will bind me to the use of the priests.

    I plan on bringing with me the spell which contains the cosmic demon, however I still have no clue how I break that spell, and with these things you are never sure and never knows the intention of the universe,

    Simply put, new steps in my life have prepared me to this and I feel the attraction to the next ritual.

    Re: Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon

    Honestly this reads like gibberish but, I'll do my best to respond.

    "Remove your main demon and make him enter another person" am I correct in interpreting this as using a demon as a familiar spirit? Demonology has a long history of attempting to convince spirits to do one's bidding. Generally this was done with the knowledge of a demon's sigils and names, or through the assistance of God or angels. Your posts seem to imply you think everyone has a personal demon, which isn't a theological stance I particularly agree with, and I'm not really sure what to make of that in context here since I don't know what system you're trying to work inside.

    Consorting with demons and goddesses doesn't seem like a thing a good Roman Catholic would generally do, but I'm all for a good heresy. I don't think much of this paragraph makes sense, but in my opinion a deity can't be "possessed" as they are spiritual beings and I refuse to think there's spiritual nesting dolls.

    If you feel drawn to and fulfilled by attending these rituals, then by all means continue attending them. The closest approximatation I can think of to what you describe is "ecstacy" in the Greek sense. That is to be filled with the god's spirit in a trance like state. This was believed to be a way humans could be closer to the gods and the universe, by to some degree allowing the energy or being of that god into their body.

    If you're going to ask for assistance please endeavor to do so more simply, or at least with more coherent explaination for each concept.
    They moaned and squealed, and pressed their snouts to the earth. We are sorry, we are sorry.
    Sorry you were caught, I said. Sorry that you thought I was weak, but you were wrong.
    -Madeline Miller, Circe


      Re: Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon

      Hi Corvus, I know this is heavy.

      In the experience that I had at least 300-500 people were summoned to the ritual. I completely forgot this stuff because of the damage it would do to me if I talked about it.

      To be more precise on the demon I want info on. I was attracted to a girl at this meeting all day and night long, she never answered or talked to me and looked at me, however I was under a profound trance attracted to her and could feel her like a compass can find the north, without barriers, through walls etc.

      The second night of the meeting, after some stuff, I was drawn to her and meet her in an abandoned garden where a church was probably demolished.

      Then the real stuff happened, whatever attraction I have for the earth, pleasures, powers, was Embodied into her, her body was the receptacle of my passions and desires and everything which is 'evil' in a good sense !

      This is when I was holding her, chasing her into unreal worlds with lights, spirits flowing around us, that I SAW someone else walking with us with the power to do this 'exorcism' this someone was a super powerful demon with the description that I gave,

      The next day she explained what had happened and she could NOT control this demon which she inherited by accident from another possessed person and she gained black magic knowledge, she wanted help to make it stop.

      However, with detachment I think I was lied to. I think they invoked through me powerful demons into our world. I feel like I was a non-consenting victim and that many higher forces were implicated in this ritual.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I tried to get explanation last week when I reopened that chapter of my life and I tried to find something which would make sense into black magic books, grimoires, witchcraft etc and this was as close as the things which made sense with my recent experiences....

      I am only trying to make some rational sense of my experiences and this shed some lights and kinda matched with it:

      An expert on the Kabbalah, Abramelin said he learned his magical knowledge from angels, who told him how to conjure and tame demons into personal servants and workers, and how to raise storms (see storm raising). He said that all things in the world were created by demons, who worked under the direction of angels, and that each individual had an angel and a demon as familiars. The basis for his system of magic, he said, may be found in the kabbalah.


        Re: Demon name or description which can exorcise your demon

        ... sorry for the confusion for anyone...

        It is indeed NOT a demon, it is the spirit of a murderer who escaped demons and God is doing nothing to stop him.

        He is feeding from incantation, summoning, witchcraft and ouija boards since he escaped.

        He had a red ribbon with demons binded to him, I think this spirit is too powerful, something is going to happen.