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Is there another creature that should be sacred to Hekate?

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    Is there another creature that should be sacred to Hekate? ... gy-symbol/ ... re-2561631 ... p?id=34628

    In conclusion, just as Hekate / Hecate cause us to change via transformation and guides us through the changes of our lives the Butterfly is representative of that process. Just as the Butterfly has to undergo the various developmental changes to come out stronger and enlightened, so do we as followers of Hekate. Accepting change and loosing those aspects or limitations that hold us back in our spiritual and / or magical development.
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    Re: Is there another creature that should be sacred to Hekate?

    The logic seems sound but I don't have enough understanding of Hellenic lore (or Roman, since you reference them) to know if there are any problems on that front. I do think it's a well constructed argument and a pretty interesting concept overall.
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      Re: Is there another creature that should be sacred to Hekate?

      I don't see why you -couldn't- associate the two, and as far as the life cycles go that stands on it's own. I don't think that it really requires anything about psi or psyche. That these are associated with breath and butterflies (and other such things) might have quite a bit more to do with phonetics.
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