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Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

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    Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

    General reading
    Concerning travel
    MAGIC is MAGIC,black OR white or even blood RED

    all i ever wanted was a normal life and love.
    NO TERF EVER WE belong Too.
    don't stop the tears.let them flood your soul.


    my new page here,let me know what you think.

    nothing but the shadow of what was



      Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

      Lilium of the Valley's Reading: Tarot

      Deck Used: Angel Tarot Cards

      Card Drawn: Balance - Archangel Zadkiel (Lifepath 1), Reversed High Priestess - Archangel Haniel (Lifepath 2), Two of Water (Lifepath 3) and Two of Fire (Clarification Card)

      The Reading:

      *The paths are in order corresponding to your earliest available path, to the newest one presented to you.

      1 - This path requires perfect timing to jump in, as there is only a specific point that you may hop onto this trail without being swept off. It's a path that's about moderation and having not as much as you're used to.

      2 - This is a path of patience, though it does not require the timing like the previous path. For this path to work out, you must carefully consider what you truly want when going into it.

      3 - This is a path about a relationship growing closer, be it friendship or something more. Forgiveness is what it takes to walk this path safely. If you can do that, there will be a positive outcome to wandering down this route.

      Clarification Card - No matter which path you take, there will be new partnerships waiting for you. You must continue forward, and try not to hesitate when you get the next opportunity.


      Monster's Reading: Tarot

      Deck Used: Angel Tarot Cards

      Card Drawn: Awakening (Archangel Gabriel)

      The Reading:

      Look at your life from a new perspective. You may have to step outside your norm or 'mainstream' routine to see what you couldn't before concerning your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and attitude. There is a need for patience during this time, as careful observation and research will be needed. The answer may be quite unusual, but you must trust in what you observe.


      Ula's Reading: Tarot

      Deck Used: Angel Tarot Cards

      Card Drawn: Ten of Air (Reversed)

      The Reading:

      There is someone in your life who you wish to rein the happiness of due to something they have done to you in the past. The card tells you to have the strength to overcome the urge to harm others, and instead use that energy towards moving yourself forward. Moving yourself forward is easier than pushing someone below you.


      Artemisia's Reading: Tarot

      Deck Used: Angel Tarot Cards

      Card Drawn: Nine of Water

      The Reading:

      A wish may be coming true for you, something that you have been dreaming of for quite a long time. With the coming of this wish, things of concern will begin to fade away until you are able to freely enjoy what you have earned. With the coming experience, your love for life will grow and you will see a new side of your spirituality.


      Nera's Reading: Tarot

      Deck Used: Angel Tarot Cards

      Purpose: Chakra Evaluation

      The Reading:

      Earth Star Chakra
      Queen of Earth (Reversed)
      You are neglecting a duty that is of importance to your well-being, or depending on someone else to finish a job that only you can do.

      Root Chakra
      Eight of Earth (Reversed)
      Your skills are not being used, as you do not wish to do the work you are called to do. This may be what causes any money or social issues. (Tied to the Earth Chakra; your Root Chakra's aura has lowered down to your thighs)

      Sacral Chakra
      Justice (Archangel Raguel)
      You are able to nurture yourself and others quite well when you put in a little effort. Creative thoughts are beginning to cycle through.

      Solar Plexus Chakra
      Nine of Fire
      You may be suffering from low energy that causes the problems outlined in your Earth and Root Chakras. You have doubt over your capabilities.

      Heart Chakra
      Four of Air
      Open, Becoming Overactive.
      It is time to rest when it comes to relationships and good deeds. You must focus more on loving and taking care of yourself so you do not become clingy or jealous when it comes to relationships.

      Higher Heart Chakra
      Five of Fire (Reversed)
      You may begin to or already feel that there is something missing from your spirituality or relationship with the divine. Something may have happened or is about to happen, which will make you feel as though you were given the short end of the stick. Work on redefining your divine relationship. Research outside, and search inside yourself.

      Throat Chakra
      Three of Fire (Reversed)
      Disorder and confusion may cause you to not speak your truth or your mind when it comes to daily situations.

      Third Eye Chakra
      Knight of Water (Reversed)
      Your idleness is causing opportunities to slip by. Your memories may be taking the price for the inactivity of this chakra. Denial may also be a symptom.

      Crown Chakra

      The Chariot (Archangel Metatron)
      You are able to analyze information given to you, and are aware of things around you more vividly. You have the desire to strengthen your spirituality.

      Soul Star Chakra
      Queen of Fire
      Beginning To Open
      You will begin to assert your independence and use the creativity you have gained to better yourself and others.

      (@Nera: What deck I use for my card readings is just below the gigantic title with the person's display name and the type The deck I used with "The Dreamer" rather than "The Fool" is "The Angel Tarot Cards" by Doreen Virtue.)

      (All Lithomancy Readings will be done last, as they take more time and effort to do)


        Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

        Thanks for doing the reading.


          Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

          I'm not entirely sure if you are still doing the whole reading thing but if you are, i was wondering if i can change my reading up a little.
          Instead of a reading about my relationship problems, can i have a message from Cernunnos instead?
          If it's no trouble I would be eternally grateful
          Male, 15+


            Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings


            - - - Updated - - -

            sorry male 36 god and goddess thanks a lot


              Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings


              Dorothy, 20

              And I am a firm believer of going with instincts (they are usually right), so pick which ever divination you'd prefer.

              And, I would like to know if I am right in leaving here. I feel drawn to someplace else, for now and I keep seeing this man and I know that he has a deep significance for me but idk if this is just me being a silly female or if there is any real significance.

              I usually trust my feelings, but this one keeps going against anything else I've ever seen.

              Thanks for any help possible,



                Re: Wishing to train my divination skills; Free Readings

                locked as per OP request.

                Mostly art.