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help to acquire a new home

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    help to acquire a new home

    I am currently on the adventure to buy my first home.

    I was wondering if any one here has any 'spells' or tip to help bring a new home my way.

    I love scouring the interwebs for information and ideas then creating a ritual unique to myself and my situation. However theres not much out there for GETTING a home... only home purification and things like that.

    any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Re: help to acquire a new home

    I can tell you what I did but it isn't a real common method.

    I lit a green candle (for prosperity) and used a corn doll. You can make a corn doll like I did or a puppet - or a wax molded doll. Its really just a simple doll to project your desires into. Hold the doll and whisper your desires into it. Then spend a moment visualizing what these desires look like to you. Make sure to do this in detail. Push the energies that the visualization created into the doll. After this point bury the doll and left over wax from the green candle at the base of a tree. The Earth will take care of your desire to gain a new home from this point. All you have to do now is go with the flow.