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My handfasting at stonehenge

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    My handfasting at stonehenge

    Back in March 2011 I was lucky enough to get hand-fasted at stonehenge in a private ceremony consisting of just my close friends and family.
    It was a wonderful experience but I remember how un-inspired I was by the hand-fasting ceremonies that have been published, so I thought I would share our hand-fasting in case anyone is interested, please ask questions if you have any

    I will start with the basics and then move on to the actual hand-fasting ceremony.

    The Venue:
    Stonehenge is an awe-inspiring place, but the stones are closed off from the public with the exception of the usual big holidays (solstices) when thousands of people cram into the circle for assorted reasons. For the majority of the public this is the only times access is possible, but it is possible to hire the circle for an hour for a private group access.
    This access is in the early morning before the tours around the outside of the circle starts, Or after hours.

    English heritage have some very strict rules regarding what can and cannot be done/taken into the circle and provide an application form for you to fill in, its important to bare this in consideration when planning the ceremony as it can really affect what you wish to do (no glass, no food, no eating, no drinking, no bloodshed, no smoking, no oil or incense or smoke, no fire, no flames, no damage to the stones or ground, no amplified music).

    Our ceremony was to start at 0800hrs.

    The Guests:
    Only 20 people including officiants can enter the circle.
    This was not to much of a problem for us as it helped keep costs down and ensured only those who really were close to us were there. Though we had to include spaces for our photographers as well.

    We were very much aware that not all of our guests were entirely aware of what was going to happen or had any experience with pagan ceremonies ( our parents on both sides are Catholic to varying degrees), to help with this we produced an information sheet for the ceremony, a nice little A5 booklet, which explained:
    -The english heritage rules.
    -Dress code.
    -"Whats going on" a point by point guide to the events in the ceremony, padded with some nice factoids (origins of tying the knot etc..).

    hamingja and fylgja.


      Re: My handfasting at stonehenge

      I'm not sure what to say as most of this because I am pretty well clueless on this type of ceremony. But I must say, you are very lucky to have had such a sacred occasion at such a sacred location.
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        Re: My handfasting at stonehenge

        Your post makes me want to divorce and marry my hasband again in handfasting. This is such an amazing ceremony, why did i have to get married in a jewish wedding??