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The Neil Degrasse Tyson Rap Beef

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    Re: The Neil Degrasse Tyson Rap Beef

    Originally posted by ThePaganMafia View Post
    Big difference: Wu-Tang is most definitely worth listening to. Insane Clown Posse is not.
    Yes. Even though they are from my home state, I wouldn't recommend ICP to anyone unless I wanted to really upset them.
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      Re: The Neil Degrasse Tyson Rap Beef

      Ok,another rap group..point is this guy is stupid acting like he is a bad ass. I don't care for rap in any case.
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        Re: The Neil Degrasse Tyson Rap Beef

        Originally posted by DanieMarie View Post
        Yeah, that one too.

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        Plus, it's fairly unlikely that educated people in the Middle Ages believed the earth was flat:

        It's been common knowledge for a while. By believing in the flat earth theory, you're basically saying "I'm cool with having the knowledge level of an illiterate serf who has never left his/her village."
        No, concidering that Greek mathematicians had already calculated the circumference of the earth a thousand years prior.
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