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    According to the 2020 US Religion Census, the states with the highest percentage of their population that's actively involved in religious congregations: are Utah (76.1 percent), Alabama (63.6 percent), Louisiana (63.3 percent), Oklahoma (61.2 percent), and Mississippi (59.4 percent).

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the states with the lowest rates of involvement in religious congregations are New Hampshire (27.2 percent), Maine (30.8 percent), Oregon (33.2 percent), Montana (34.8 percent), and Alaska (35.2 percent)‚Äč.
    I often wish that I had done drugs in the '70s. At least there'd be a reason for the flashbacks. - Rick the Runesinger

    Blood and Country

    Tribe of my Tribe
    Clan of my Clan
    Kin of my Kin
    Blood of my Blood

    For the Yule was upon them, the Yule; and they quaffed from the skulls of the slain,
    And shouted loud oaths in hoarse wit, and long quaffing swore laughing again.