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    Hi Everyone

    Hello All, I'm completely new to the forum, grew up in a Christian home, explored various paths in college, converted to Catholicism about 7 years ago and now I am back at the crossroads (the non-spooky one). Hope to make some friends and connections here to help me along my journey. Does anyone have a recommendation on which sub-forum to post on for some feedback or ideas to help me along on my Pagan journey?

    Re: Hi Everyone


    The most general possible answers on where to start topics would be
    Religion and Spirituality
    Pagan Traditions and Discussion

    The first two are just pretty general boards that encompass a lot of possible topics connected to Paganism or religion in general. SAFE is the newbie friendly, all members are to be on their best behavior or staff will appear in wrath subforum. If you're particularly skittish about a topic, SAFE exists. All subforums are generally friendly though. If in the worst case, you make a thread that absolutely doesn't fit in the subforums that you place it, I'll just move the thread.
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      Re: Hi Everyone

      Welcome to the forum Fregya. MaskedOne suggested some excellent sub-forums to check out. I grew up in a Catholic house and even went to a Catholic school until 5th grade. So I understand what it is to be at that crossroads. Welcome again!

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        Re: Hi Everyone

        Hi MaskedOne,

        Thanks for the welcome and helpful tips about the subforums!

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        Hi Anubisa,

        I appreciate the welcome and for sharing a bit of your background about Catholic school.