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    Hi again

    I'm sorry I dont come around more, this site is fantastic and I wanted to thank you all for your kindness, everyone is so kind and helpful .

    I wanted to ask about a specific principality that I believe is associated with the Left Hand. The entity is named Moloch. I do not know what the ancestry or cultural root is, or if the spelling is correct.

    There has been a reference by an online friend about this entity. I was asking her if she was styled or raised in a satanic path and she said something about rites dedicated to Moloch. Then she got kinda shy and squirmy about it all.

    So I have a lot of inappropriate questions about what that might mean. But I'm not sure how well such issue might be received, and I dont want to give offense. This is a fantastic board, the info seems all legit and this beautiful site even works well on my low grade phone. Thank you for providing this resource to me. May I please have a link to information on this topic if it is not forbidden to speak of? I am not asking for anyone to violate a taboo, I hope.

    Re: Hi again

    Moloch is a Canaanite god mentioned in the bible as a god of fire who was worshipped through child sacrifice. It's extremely unclear in reality if this god actually existed, if its a title that refers to a different god, or if it's referencing a type of ritual or sacrifice. In any case the ambiguity calls many things into question. The name may derive from a root work meaning offering or rulership, but that's somewhat complicated.

    Moloch is only mentioned a few times in the bible, all in sensational contexts, and there's no evidence archeologically or from other period sources. It has also been suggested that the outsiders who wrote the account may have been decontextualizing some sort of rite of passage or child ritual, maybe like fire jumping. The "passing of children through the fire" is, unsurprisingly, ambiguous and may not be so shocking child sacrifice, but we really just don't have enough sources to make strongly informed opinions. So the actual existence of a deity worshipped by the Canaanites outside of the demonic biblical context is suspect.

    In any case this view of Moloch as a demon in the form of a bull headed pagan god has persisted and was fairly popular in Christian demonology. The child sacrifice seems to have cemented him in people's mind. Most of the, relatively, modern Christian demon stuff comes from the medieval period, like so much else about Christian occultism. There's elements that we know come from semetic religion, like the prominent bull symbolism and fire reverence, but you'd think mass child sacrifice would leave more sources or archeological evidence.

    Moloch worship is a big buzz phrase in Christian circles, both ancient and modern. Part of the Qanon conspiracy in America is that Democrats are part of a devil worshipping pedophile cult with deep state ties and Moloch is sometimes the name that pops up there, probably for the evluls think of the children factor. American christianity is pretty wild sometimes what with thinking the devil is everywhere. I think this is probably where I've heard the name the most widely used. There's very little evidence for secret pagan cults persisting unbroken since ancient times, just to clarify. Furthermore Moloch is significantly more accepted and known as a Christian demon than a pagan god so it seems likely that any mention comes from either Christians or modern satanist movements.

    Modern satanism though is a different ballpark and a bit outside of my time period. Modern satanists who are not atheists Revere and work with many entities christians called demons, either explicitly siding with them against god or rejecting the Christian framework entirely. Often these so called demons are characterized as rebelling not against goodness, but in service of humanity against god and are considered wise teachers- though not necessarily always benevolent. Since this has almost nothing to do with ancient religion or medieval folk belief beyond aesthetics, I don't know a ton about it. However I do want to reemphasize that bit I mentioned earlier about the bible often exaggerating and giving half true accounts of pagan worship, indicating that if such rituals do exist that they may have different cultural context that the biblical account ignores or misrepresents.

    I'm also going to put in here a small explanation about modern satanism since it's not baby eating cabals. Satanism, both it's theistic and atheistic forms, are a religion or spirituality focused on self improvement, personal freedom, and pragmatic ethics. They're not despoilers of christian purity or anything like that, so even if your friend was part of some satanist circle, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Popular satanist political opinions are being pro choice, pro speration of church and state, and very into respecting people's personal rights and liberties. There are however many reasons why someone might not want to share that outright though.

    So without having more context that's the information I can give. It does sort of give me the "someone's pulling my leg" feeling though.
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      Re: Hi again

      Thank you for your reply, you explain things well and I like the way you write. I'm familiar with xians twisting folklore into boogeymen to frighten their congregants.

      I knew also of an entity with the head of a bull, but with a different name. I thought that moloch was a more ancient term or that it referred to a more significant diety. The wackberries press connection is enlightening. The q stuff was even more confusing than trickle down economics and hard for me to take seriously, but there is an echo of that issue from the same source, however faint...

      I dont really understand satanism generally though I have read about it and seen a few films. I guess i am still afraid of those folks generally, perhaps it is just indoctrination.

      Thank you for writing me back!


        Re: Hi again

        This surely is a great forum but I would like it to be more active.
        Martina Harrison


          Re: Hi again

          Originally posted by MartinaHarrison View Post
          This surely is a great forum but I would like it to be more active.
          That is a thing desired by all.

          Tell your friends we are nice!
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            Re: Hi again

            Don't worry, us regulars are always here. It's always nice when fresh meat brings something to the conversation.

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              Re: Hi again

              this kinda brings up the periodic eruption of the "SATANIC panic" outbreaks we see from some christian groups
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